Altering Your Skincare Routine as You Grow Older

Most of us have some sort of skincare routine. We’ll use all sorts of products and treatments in our routine to help keep our skin healthy and in as good a condition as possible. But as with many things, when we age, things need to change to better accommodate changes occurring in our bodies. Over the years, you will find that your skin changes. Many of us find that our skin becomes thinner, loses fat and may no longer look as plump and smooth as it did during earlier years. You may find that your veins show through and that any scratches, cuts, bruises or bumps may take longer to heal. If you’ve experienced a lot of sun exposure, you may notice age spots. Then there are inevitable wrinkles. One thing I personally have noticed and is that I get spots around my chin area, funny thing is I thought as I got older the opposite would happen. However there is a solution, Yonka SOS spot roll on is a great option for this you can pop it in your bag and take it with you so handy. 

 So, what can you do to care for your skin as best possible in spite of any changes you may have experienced? Here are some suggestions to help you along the way!

Acknowledge Changes to Your Skin Type

There are four common categories that people class their skin to be: normal, dry, oily or combination. When we are younger, we find out our skin type and create a routine that fits around this. However, as you age, your skin type may change, so it’s important to acknowledge and observe these changes and come up with a routine that fits your skin now. Many people also like to work anti aging skin care into their routine as they get older. If you’re unsure what will work best for you, consult a dermatologist who will be able to help you further.

Use Sunskin and Cut Out Tanning

It’s a good idea to limit your time spent outside in the sun. Sure, you can go out during the day. You don’t have to retire inside forever. But you should consider avoiding the outdoors during sunny seasons at peak hours, such as between 10am and 2pm. You should also reconsider tanning out in your garden, at the beach or elsewhere. You should also use sunscreen on a daily basis. Sure, many of us are only used to wearing this on holiday. But it should form part of your daily skincare routine. Look for sunscreen with an SPF (short for “sun protection factor”) number of 15 or higher. Sunscreens with “broad spectrum” on the label also tend to be preferable.

Consider Treatments

Of course, ageing is a natural process, so it isn’t something negative. However, if you wish to slow or minimise the appearance of ageing, there are a number of treatments out there that can help with this. You may want to consult a skin treatment specialist for recommendations. Just make sure to use good quality clinics with proper certifications and plenty of positive reviews.

These are just a few steps you can take to make a better skin care routine for yourself as you grow older. Hopefully, some of the tips and tricks can help!

Note: This is a collaborative post

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