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Bathtime in the Mamma Fairy House

My boys love their baths and what helps I think is that I always try to make the bath time fun and enjoyable. Currently in The Mamma Fairy there are 2 items which we are really loving and add to the bath time fun.

 1 – The Babyswimmer

I am going to admit, I was a tad dubious about this product not really sure how it was going to fare out with the littlest man, for a teeny little thing he really has his own mind. Like anything when it comes to my kids, I educate myself before I use/ try anything out. According to their website the Babyswimmer has a number of benefits for babies including:

  • Improving muscle tone -Building neck, upper body, arms and legs muscles with less stress on baby’s joints while they are having fun;
  • Helps with earlier right/left brain development;
  • Improve their balance and coordination, support their ability to crawl and walk; and
  • Floating relieves constipation and digestion issues, eases colic symptom.

Its an inflatable ring which you sits around baby’s neck with a Velcro strap for really easy putting on and putting off.

babyswimmerIt’s fascinating! It really is, once he is in the water his little legs were going a hundred miles an hour and he was bobbing along. It was adorable. He seemed to really enjoy it. We have been using it in his bath for the playtime element for the last couple of weeks and im going to continue to do so. I grew up with a terrible fear of water so I try as best I can to help the boys enjoy water. My 3 year old goes swimming with his uncle who is a trained life guard and the littlest man will be joining him and will be using his Babyswimmer. If it got thumbs up from his very picky uncle it gets a thumbs up for me. They are going swimming later this afternoon and ill report back on how he got on in the pool with his babyswimmer. I think because its familiar to him to there wont be a bother on him.



2 – Naif Skin care products.

As mentioned above before I try or use anything on the boys I always try to educate myself and how better than being able to chat to the founder of this new baby skincare brand – Naif. Naif is a new brand of baby skincare on the Irish market, it totally natural chemical free designed by two Dutch fathers who coincidentally became father around the same time.  The products use natural oils like cottonseed, sweet almond, macadamia and avocado rather than harsh sulfates and parabens. naif

Having chatted to the guys it is clear that have a real passion for their products, I was curious to know how long it took them to get their products to market. From initial concept to seeing the product on the shelves the guys were explaining to me that this alone took over a year, as they spent significant time on the testing and development to ensure they got the high quality product they envisaged. There are currently 7 products in the range and the founders, Sjoerd and Jochem were filling me in that early next year they are planning to launch a sunscreen (SPF50 with natural filters) and from there to gradually build the range.

naifbabyswimmerThe products I have been using are the softening body lotion and the cleaning wash gel.

Both products have a lovely gently smell, more so the body lotion which contains cottonseed extract. My littlest man suffers with quite dry skin on his ankles and knees so I use this a couple of times a day and it keeps those areas nice, soft and hydrated. What I like about these products are that they are natural, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and PH skin natural. This is so important for babies particularly very young babies whose skin is so delicate. They products are a little more on the pricey side that the average supermarket brand however I don’t have an issue with paying for a quality product. For more information see website here and most of the range is stocked in Boots stores.

Has anybody tried any of the above? If so, would love to know what you think.

Take Care

~Mamma F

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