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HEXBUG Lil’ Nature Babies Panda Bear Lin

Panda toy

Lin The Panda Bear

We have been fans of  the HEXBUG brand in this house for some time and therefore always more than willing to test drive some of their new offerings. This little cutie landed through the front door recently. My 3 year old claimed it and this review is mostly his thoughts.  The almost 7 years old wasn’t quite so keen so in terms of age I can see the appeal really for the 3-6 ages.

The premise of this toy is to teach kids  about their favourite endangered animals.  We received Lin the panda bear to review and the product contained Lin and its Bamboo home environment. The panda itself  is interactive in that when you press a sensory zone, the panda makes playful noises, the panda also responds to movement and touch. I kind of thought I would react to its enviroment but it doesn’t seem to aside from the snoring when its asleep (!).

Some interesting facts that we did learn from this product were:

  • Pandas are located in the Yangtze basin in the heart of China

    panda bear toy

    Lin The Panda Bear

  • They can eat ip to 26-48 pounds on bamboo everyday
  • An fully grown panda can weigh 330lbs

This products heart is in the right place in that it teaches kids  about endangered species.  At around €15 its not cheap for its functionality so not quite pocket money not quite collectable. However that being said the almost 4 year old really loves caring for things, teddies, doll etc and Lin now sits pride of place next to his bed where he gently rocks it to sleep before he sleeps himself. Adorable!

For information and to see others in the collection see HEXBUG

Note: We were sent the product for review, however all opinion mine or the kids where appropriate.
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