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Best Tasting Meal Replacement Shakes Purchase Guide

Meal replacement shakes might be great for people that are looking to drop some weight. They, however, are not popular among certain people because they have a reputation of not being very tasty. While meal replacement shakes were not known to be tasty before now, at the moment, various meal replacement shake brands are very tasty. This means, if you have been avoiding meal replacement shakes because they were not so tasty, you can always enjoy them now.

Are you looking to buy some of the best tasting meal replacement shakes? If yes, below are some meal replacement shakes with great tastes.


While the fact that MET-Rx comes in just two flavors might make certain people think it is not good enough for them, Extreme Chocolate and Original Vanilla, the flavors that NET-Rx comes in are known to be very creamy and delicious. Although this meal replacement shake’s strongest point is its taste, it has other strong points. It is low in fat, free from gluten, and free from aspartame.

Furthermore, MET-Rx contains 25 essential vitamins, as well as 90% of all the calcium that the body needs. In addition to these, it contains 36 grams of protein in each serving. The implication of this is this meal replacement shake can always help you stay full even without eating a real meal and also recover easily from workout sessions. While the amount of protein contained in this meal replacement shake has a role in making it filling, there is more to its ability to keep you full. Contained in each serving of MET-Rx are 250 calories which are the major reason you have to feel full after taking this meal replacement shake.

Garden of Life

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Garden of Life can always be enjoyed in four flavors. These flavors are Lightly Sweet, Vanilla Chai, Vanilla, and Chocolate. This means you can never get tired of taking this meal replacement shake as there will always be something for you to switch to when you get tired of a certain flavor. While the fact that this meal replacement shake has a nice flavor is a good enough reason to purchase it regularly, there are other reasons you might want to purchase this meal replacement shake. 

One of these reasons is Garden of Life can help you develop lean muscles. It is a great post-workout drink. In addition to helping in the development of lean muscles, Garden of life can also help shoot up the body’s energy levels. This, therefore, makes it a replacement shake that can be taken before a workout session.

Contained in Garden of life are lots of probiotics that can help keep your guts healthy. In addition to the presence of probiotics that ensure easy digestion, this meal replacement shake also contains six grams of fiber which help with digestion. Although Garden of life has a great taste, it might not be the best meal replacement shake for people with large appetites as it contains just 115 calories.

Ample Meal

Ample meal shake is not just famous for being very nutritious, it is also delicious. Its creamy taste is a blend of cinnamon and vanilla. Ample meal shake is not just considered one of the best-tasting meal replacement shakes because people think it has a good taste, the firm in charge of producing it offers a quality and full taste guarantee. This goes a long way to tell how tasty it is.

To enjoy the amazing taste of Ample meal, you do not need to do much. You simply need to add cold milk or cold water to this product as it comes in powder form. Once cold water or cold milk is added to this shake, it becomes fit for consumption. Although Ample meal is not the only meal replacement shake that has an amazing taste, there is a likelihood that it is the best-tasting meal replacement shake available in the market.

Beyond the taste you get to enjoy when you consume Ample meal, you can also be certain that you are consuming a meal replacement shake that is made of natural ingredients. In addition to being free from artificial ingredients, Ample meal does not contain soy, gluten, artificial flavors, BPA, and artificial sweeteners.

So, if you are looking for a great tasting meal replacement shake or a  meal replacement shake that is filled with healthy ingredients, you can always resort to buying Ample meal.


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While Huel features just vanilla flavor, you can decide to purchase a version that does not come with any flavor. Huel does not only have a great taste. It is also vegan. It is a perfect blend of oats, sunflower seeds, coconut, flaxseed, and pea and rice protein. Although a meal replacement shake, Huel is made from real food

To get the best out of Huel, you simply need to mix it with cold water and you will be able to enjoy its amazing taste.


Due to the fact that Iconic is made from absolutely natural ingredients, a lot of people do not expect it to be on this list. Regardless of its ingredients, Iconic is one of the most delicious meal replacement shakes available in the market. This meal replacement shake has up to five flavors. These flavors are Coconut Matcha, Golden Milk, Chocolate Truffle, Café Aulait, and Vanilla Bean. This means there will always be a flavor that suits you regardless of what your preferences are. You do not have to stick to any flavor because it is sweet, all flavors that come with this meal replacement shake have just the right amount of sweetness.

You can always have access to 20grams of protein from every serving of Iconic you consume. Furthermore, if you are into keto or paleo diets, this meal replacement shake is ideal for you. Iconic is free from gluten, soy, lactose, and artificial ingredients. 

Although Iconic has a great taste, it contains 130 calories per serving which means it is not very filing. You can, however, get the best from it by taking it alongside a healthy snack.


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