Birth Story Expeirences

I have two wonderful, happy and healthy little men, however their entry into this world was anything but straightforward. I love to write which is why I started blogging.

However I can’t seem to bring myself to write my own boys birth stories, its still all too fresh in my head.  I often wonder why, envying women who seem to be able to take it all in their stride.  Was it something I did? Is there something wrong with me? Or was in medical negligence? Maybe ill never know.

I decided to speak to some fellow bloggers to share their birth stories.

Each one different yet each one equally magical.  Bringing a new life into the world is an experience ill probably never be able to convey properly into words.

Birth experiences


  • First up is Lisa who shares here own experience on her blog Irish Baby Fairy. Lisa is a mid-wife herself so I was very interested to read her story.  Uniquely she is able to give us perspectives from the both sides in the labor ward. A story well worth a read.
  • Next is Hayley who blogs at I am River. I just love that name, if and thats a big if, I ever have more kids I may need to steal this name.  The positivity in this post really resonates with me.
  • Lyndsay- Rose writes at My Family of Roses and talks about not having a birth plan on her second. Her first was premature but second time round it was a very different experience. Showing us how different birth experiences can be.
  • I just love the pure honesty in Georgina who writes at Gee Garnder post.  After a very difficult pregnancy her beautiful baby was born full term, healthy and happy with no complications.
  • Nicola who blogs at Mummy to Dex shares her own experience of the birth of Dexter.  This post is really detailed and gives a great insight into Dexters birth. Again a very informative post well worth a read.

I really do enjoy reading other peoples birth stories, its gives me hope that maybe just maybe if I rolled the dice one more time I may have a calmer, more straightforward birth. We will see!

Note: This is a collaborative post however I retain full editorial control.
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