Best Italian Investor Visa Advice For Wealthy Moms

Immigration is easy if you are affluent because many countries actually let you buy a passport. Italy offers the investor visa option that enables you to qualify for the residence status and eventually become a citizen. Although the road may sound long and daunting, it is the only option you have when you cannot get in through routes like marriage and descent. The effort is worthwhile for wealthy moms looking to bequeath Italian citizenship to their kids in the long run. You can click on this Mbersanilaw.com for more details on this immigration option. Here is some more valuable advice for wealthy moms looking for an Italian investor visa.

Evaluate your investment alternatives

Although money is seldom a concern for well-to-do mommies, you must spend it wisely. Immigration with an investor visa entails a hefty investment, so you should know what you need to bring. The good thing is that you have multiple alternatives to explore. These include-money with a clock

  • An innovative startup in Italy- €250,000
  • An established company- €500,000
  • A public welfare project- €1 million
  • Government bonds- €2 million

Be ready with proof of funds

You need not bring the money to Italy at the beginning of the investor visa process. Proof of funds suffices until you complete the nulla osta (certificate of no impediment) and consulate applications. Essentially, it is a bank statement showing you have sufficient funds to provide the committed investment. The statement is enough to get you through from start to end.

Get investor visa for loved ones without extra funding

As a mommy, you will probably want to move in with your loved ones, even if it costs a fortune. But you need not bring additional investment for your family members. Showing that you can support them financially during your stay in the country is enough to get them in with the residence status. No extra funding means you need not stress about the massive money requirements for family immigration.

Bring the funds along while landing in Italy

Perhaps, the most critical piece of advice for wealthy moms getting an Italian investor visa is to have the funds at hand while landing in Italy. You will have to deposit them within three months of obtaining the residence permit, which happens right after you enter the country. Not having funds to deposit puts your residence permit at risk, and all the hard work may go waste. 

Prepare to invest for the long haul

Finally, you must prepare to invest the money for the long haul if you plan to stay in Italy for good. The residence permit converts to permanent residence after five years, and you become eligible for citizenship by naturalization after another five years. The only condition is to hold the original funds throughout the decade. It is a small price for the world’s most powerful passport. 

The final piece of advice for obtaining an investor visa is to never go for it alone. Having an expert showing the way gives you an advantage, so you must bring them on board sooner than later. 

Author Bio: Mary Reeves works as a content writer for Submit Core. While Mary likes to share her opinions on business-related subjects, she loves writing on immigration and international investment alternatives. Reeves is highly active on social media where she talks about writing, marketing, business and more.

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