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Craft ideas to try with your kids this autumn

Arts and crafts have been growing in popularity for years thanks to the increasing ease of access to materials and kits, the variety of options for crafting, and the multitude of benefits they’ve been shown to bring. It’s also a lot of fun! 


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If you’re looking for some ideas of constructive activities you can do at home with your children, why not give crafting a go? There are so many different styles out there; you’re sure to find something that the whole family can enjoy, however old they are. Read on for some interesting and unique autumn-themed project ideas!

Benefits of crafting

It’s widely known that crafting can have a positive effect on our mental and physical health, and this is true for both adults and children of all ages. Here are a few of the benefits you can all hope to enjoy as you create:

  • Reduced stress and increased relaxation – similar to meditation, when you become immersed in art and creativity, your mind is better able to move away from worries and anxious thoughts
  • Improved motor skills – by working on hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity
  • Increased confidence – from both completing projects, and learning that it’s ok to experiment and make mistakes
  • Better mental agility – encouraging your brain to think in new ways and try new things helps keep it in top shape
  • Boosted creativity – the more you use your creativity, the more it will grow, and it’s a skill that is useful in all areas of our lives

If this has piqued your interest, you’ll be glad to know that it’s very easy to get started with arts and crafts. The internet is full of how-to videos and articles, and you can get all the supplies that you need online from websites like

Autumnal craft ideas to try

  • Autumn leaf suncatchers: this simple craft project is ideal for younger children, and makes for a lovely and colorful addition to your window
  • Pinecone owls: these are perfect for getting your kids out in nature, and the resulting owls (or other animals) are adorable
  • Pom pom pumpkins: these fluffy pumpkins only need wool, scissors and a stick, but the result is a fabulously unique Halloween decoration
  • Paper ball bats: another great choice for Halloween, these cute bats are quick and easy to create with kids of all ages
  • Autumn leaf bookmarks: these easy-to-make creations encourage both creativity and reading – what’s not to like?
  • Back-to-school bag tags: help your kids personalize their school bags with these DIY charms, that they can customize however they like
  • Fairy leaf puppets: great for older children, these fairies are a bit more complex to make and full of enchantment
  • Autumn leaf dinosaurs: yes, there’s a lot you can do with leaves! This creation is perfect for kids who love Jurassic Park 
  • Painted acorns: this also gets the kids outside, and the result is genuinely pretty
  • Simple black cat papercraft: this is as easy to make as the name suggests, and is great for Halloween or all year round if you’re a cat lover
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