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Dream Holiday Destinations To Book

Do you sit and think about your dream holiday and imagine all the fun places that you can go to? Better yet, what if you were able to take the steps to start booking a dream vacation and preparing for your next trip? When it comes to taking the first step in planning, you’ll need to put a focus and emphasis on an area of the world that you’re excited and ready to travel to.

Dream Holiday Destinations To Book

While travel may be off the agenda in the short term however it does not stop us dreaming and planning our next adventures. This begs the question…Where in the world do you really want to go? Ill start! Top of my bucket-list for a very long time was Lapland closely followed by Iceland. Having been fortunate enough to have visited both pre Covid. I have spent the last few weeks dreaming of where next and top for our family list is Barbados and Jordan, vastly different but intriguing countries and some might say not an immediate first choice for family travel.



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If you’re looking for a place that offers sunshine, beauty, and stunning landscapes and views that go on for miles, your attention should turn to discover the beauty of Barbados.

The clear waters, the green hills, the trails, and forests that you can walk on and through for miles…there really are very few places in the world that can take your breath away in the way that Barbados can.

And if you’re still having trouble picturing your toes in the sand on the beaches of Barbados, imagine sitting on the shore and taking in the sunsets and sunrises as well. The beauty that awaits you in Barbados is worth you diving in and researching more because it’s unlike any other place in the world.

Barbados wasn’t on my radar until recently when I happened upon a blog post about a new Aer Lingus route via Manchester direct to Barbados from July 2021. I get so excited when I read about new routes so had to have a nosey. My key thing always is, how family friendly a place might be, so off I went to find out just how family friendly it might be.  The Visit Barbados website has a wealth of information on its family friendly activities from submarines to safaris!

Myself and the boys picked our wish list items, top for my oldest was the Welchman Hall Gully  and no surprise for my youngest water fanatic it was the Atlantis Submarine trip. I was really pleasantly surprised just how much there is to do. From the  hotels that I researched, a number of them had kids clubs and onsite entertainment – always a bonus.  The current front runner for us is the Taramind by Elegant Hotels, those views really do say it all. Absolutely stunning.

And if a hotel isn’t for you, having a child friendly Villa for example Barbados Villas are good example where you get all the personalized services that you need for a thoroughly enjoyable stay.



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Our Jordan trip is actually booked for March 2022. When our Lapland  January 2021 flight was cancelled, Easy Jet refunded us in vouchers plus extra credit. Having a look on their site I spotted an incredible offer to get the four of us to Jordan. In total it was less than £300 to get us all to Jordan flying from London to Aqaba. We are splitting out time between Aqaba and Amman. We have booked our first 3 nights at Cloud 7 which is a whole new destination area in Aqaba with numerous restaurants and activities. The hotel itself is made up of apartments which is really ideal for family travel.  After Aqaba we move on to Amman via Petra where we spend a further 3 nights. While in Amman we will be staying at the uber trendy W Amman just look a those views and those rooms! We just cannot wait to visit. We have been doing our research and have come up with a draft itinerary but given its still a year away we may amend as the time gets nearer. Really interested to read reviews from anybody who has been especially with kids so please do drop links in the comments below or send me an email.

Keeping everything crossed we can make this a reality as it would dream come true and after being constrained so much with covid I am totally ready for the obligatory airport beer!!

Has anybody got plans when its safe to travel again? Love to hear them – pop them below.




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