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4 Home Renovations That Maintain or Increase the Value of Your Home

Home renovations are interesting to do, but when they are not managed well, they can drag on. Therefore, it’s important to be picky about the ones to go ahead with and those to defer or not do at all. Ideally, it’s best to choose renovations that will at worst maintain their cost, but hopefully increase the value of the home. It’s a little tricky though because some future buyers plan to rip out a new bath because they want something to their taste. Nevertheless, modern updates do still make the property more attractive to list in the future even for people with separate plans of their own. 

Here are 4 home renovations that are worth investing in. 

Convert a Garage into a Living Space

The conversion craze to change a house into something else includes the garage. When you don’t use it to store a car, then there may a possibility to convert it into another living space. Whether this requires planning permission from the local council depends on if it is classed as a permitted development. If so, then it’s possible to go ahead because planning permission won’t be needed. With that said, building regulations do apply here. The property will need to be viewed on several occasions to look at various aspects to approve them for existing regulations, including electrical, water drainage, the supporting structures, and the roof too. 

For the most part, however, you should mostly concern yourself with the renovation itself. Planning the layout is an exciting part of the process, but getting to the nitty gritty of everything on the actual renovation can be a headache. Be sure to have a checklist ready to save yourself from unnecessary trips to the hardware store. Have an excess of certain materials such as nails, wood drill bits for taps, and the like.

New Bathroom

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A new bathroom to replace an aging one can help to sell the property later. Ultra-modern bathroom designs include walk-in showers and other niceties, and they can be attractive enough to buyers that they may not need to redo them. At which point, they typically do add to the property value. 

It’s also a factor that an old bathroom will put off some buyers whereas others will need to see a discounted price to reflect the cost of replacing it. Either way, it’s an impediment when you want to sell later. However, for the pleasure of using it, there’s little that beats a completely new bathroom. 

Attic, Basement, or Cellar Conversion

Converting the basement, attic or cellar is an interesting project. There’s often a great deal of freedom as to how it will be eventually laid out and used. As Woodford estate agents would tell you, additional usable spaces commonly increase a property’s valuation, whether that’s as a wine cellar, a bedroom attic, or a basement. Many UK houses have space to convert the attic or a cellar, but few enjoy basements to perform conversions, so we do what we can!

Double the Size of a Room

When the house is large enough, knocking down a non-supporting wall to merge two separate rooms into a single expansive one is a popular option. With the penchant for open plan living, less clutter, and a more minimalistic living style, escaping the smaller room size conundrum is very freeing. Do check if you need any type of permissions before doing so and verify that it’s not a load-bearing wall too (you don’t want to affect the structural integrity of your home). 

When you stick mostly to home renovations that at least keep their value and sometimes increase it, you’re onto a winner. In the meantime, you can enjoy the improvement once it’s completed too. 

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