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Establishing a Good School Routine

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Good organisation is key to a stress-free routine, particularly with regards to the morning school run. Below are some tips from an independent school in London to help parents master a good school routine.

The first rule of thumb is to always prepare everything the night before; homework, school bags, packed lunch and uniform. Anything that you or your child will need in the morning should be ready before you all go to bed. As a result, all you’ll have to do is eat breakfast, brush your teeth and get dressed, which should take no time at all. You can even go as far as planning breakfast.

If you want everything to run smoothly in the mornings, getting enough sleep is vital, so encourage your kids to have an early night. You’re all far more likely to wake up on time, feeling refreshed, if you’ve had a sufficient amount of sleep. 

As a parent, it’s a good idea to be up and ready before your children so that you can dedicate your time completely to helping them once they wake up. Once organisation and great timekeeping has become a habit for you, you’ll notice it becoming increasingly easier for you all. The trick is not to panic or rush; it’s better to be 5 minutes late and have everything in order than be on time but half dressed. 

Make sure you have a plan of action for after school that your kids are also well aware of. They’ll need to know who’s picking them up and what time or they might require some change for the bus. Either way, it should all be planned in advance. Encourage them to prioritise their homework, but be sure to reward them and let them have some leisure time once it’s complete. 

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