This spectacular public park located in Downtown Chicago is among the must-visit attractions in the city. The fantastic six-acre beach, Crown Fountain, Cloud Gate, and Lurie Garden are some of the most awe-inspiring sights to behold at the famous park.


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Perhaps the most excellent thing about visiting Millennium Park is that there are scores of accommodation options available in its vicinity. This eliminates the need to commute long distances to see Chicago’s stunning attractions, as most of them are within a short driving or walking distance.

You can consider any of the following accommodations near this magnificent Chicago park on your first (or next) visit to the city.

Top-Rated Hotels

Chicago is a diverse city with varied attractions, drawing in scores of visitors each year. The city is home to a fantastic music scene, delectable cuisine, historic buildings, and a wide array of other attractions. Many top sights are located in The Loop, and for this reason, it witnesses a vast amount of tourist traffic throughout the year.

Visitors can stay at some best-rated hotels near the park, such as Hotel Julian, Silversmith Hotel, Fairmont Chicago, and Hyatt Centric, to name a few. These are expensive establishments offering guests private bathrooms, luxury suites, on-site dining, flatscreen TV sets, and panoramic views of the city, depending on the room. Many of them also feature refrigerators in each room, besides gyms, spa centers, and massages for their guests.

You can find the best deals on all the best hotels in Chicago when you use an online hotel booking tool to book your stay. 

Pet-Friendly Establishments

Many people prefer to bring their dogs, cats, hamsters, and other pets along on their trips. If you happen to be one such animal enthusiast, you can book rooms at some classy pet-friendly hotels near Chicago’s famous Millennium Park. Popular choices include the Chicago Athletic Association part of Hyatt, Virgin Hotels, and St. Jane Chicago.

Some online booking tools even let you filter by pet-friendliness, along with other categories such as budget, location, distance from the city center, etc., making it much easier for you to find a place that’s as welcoming to your furry companions as it is to you. 

Like other pet-loving accommodations, these places offer comfortable bedding, a play area, food and water bowls, and delicious meals for your furry friends. Some hotels also provide grooming sessions for the pets of their guests. 

Moreover, the cost is not too high, with an average room costing upward of $150. Rooms at the Staypineapple An Iconic Hotel, The Loop, can be as little as $112, which is even better for people traveling on a tight budget.

Budget Options

Solo travellers and others unwilling to spend extravagant amounts on hotel rooms will be glad to know that there are plenty of budget hotels near the park. 

Some top options include Pendry Chicago, Kimpton Hotel Monaco Chicago an IHG Hotel, and The Palmer House Hilton. For a reasonable amount, these hotels offer all the basic amenities that any star-rated hotel in the city does.

Furthermore, many of them have elegantly made rooms, free WiFi, complimentary beverages, a minibar, and gourmet snacks, among other things. Some of them are a couple of minutes away from popular entertainment, dining, and shopping areas in Downtown Chicago.

Regardless of which of the aforementioned hotel options you choose, you must use a hotel booking website that allows you to compare the prices of multiple hotels simultaneously to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. 

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