Exploring Gratitude with Your Child

Learning how to appreciate the things you’re given, be it a gift or food on your table, can motivate children to learn to be grateful. Building respect and an awareness to be thankful will motivate and inspire children to be better behaved, improving positive attitudes and levels of respect towards friends and adults.

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This guide from this independent boys school in London will show the ways of how to explore gratitude for your child and how to enforce these attitudes at home.

Teaching your child manners

Your pleases and thank yous didn’t just appear in your vocabulary, your parents would have made sure you were saying them on a regular basis, which is why you should also do the same for your child.

Each time your child receives a present, or asks for something to be done for them, they should be asking politely. And when they do say thank you, or please, or apologise, tell them how proud you are of saying it. They’ll remember those moments and be more encouraged in the future.

Invoke kindness

In the home, make sure you yourself are being kind and respectful to your children, potential partner, friends and members of the family. Your child will remember these moments so it’s important to follow the same recommendations you provide them with as well.

This can be done by giving compliments to your child and others, telling them about how brave and proud they are after completing something they were afraid of, and rewarding your children.

Ask them what they are grateful for

Give your child the challenge of thinking of one thing each day they are grateful for, or one thing on that day that they really enjoyed and why. Ask them to discuss it around the table at dinner time and use it as a conversation topic. Alternatively, ask them 3 things they enjoyed about their day before bedtime, and 3 things they’re excited for tomorrow.

These will make your child feel more positive, excited and happy overall as they learn to express gratitude around them with friends and family.


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