Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day This Year

Your dad is one of your best friends. He taught you how to stand up to bullies at school and stood by you when you went on your first date, making you feel as embarrassed as possible. As silly as dads can be, with their terrible jokes and ridiculous dance moves, they play a crucial part in all of our lives. 

That’s why it’s so frustrating when father’s day rolls around, and you discover that you haven’t planned anything exciting to do to celebrate your dad. If you’re still struggling to pinpoint the best idea this year, the following suggestions could lead you in the right direction. 

Get Him a Special Something

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More often than not, dads don’t get the best deal when it comes to father’s day presents. Since most of us forget about this day until the last minute, we’re usually left handing over a pair of socks or a new tie. Although there’s nothing wrong with that kind of gift, you can do better. Rather than relying on the old staples this year, think about what you could get that would really make your dad laugh or smile. This is your chance to really think out of the box with gift-giving.

If you want to buy something extra special, but you don’t have enough cash right now, consider going in on a group gift with your siblings. This should give all of you some extra room to think about expanding your budget. At the same time, it means that your dad isn’t going to end up with the same half-hearted gift from each child. 

Take a Day Trip

When’s the last time that you and your dad spent some time together, just the two of you? If you can’t quite remember the last occasion, now’s the time to plan something. Go online and find some local brewery tours in your area and take your dad for a tasting session where he can check out some of his favourite craft beers and see how they’re made. You could even find a place that allows you to try making some beer of your own. 

Alternatively, if your dad isn’t much of a beer lover, you could look for something in the great outdoors. Taking a trip where you can go hiking together or play a round of golf could be a great way to make some memories. You could even get out on the water and do some fishing if that’s something that your pop enjoys. 

Try Something New

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Your dad probably spends most of his time living according to a certain routine. He goes to work, does his chores, goes for the occasional drink with his friends. However, he probably doesn’t have a lot of opportunities to try building some new skills anymore. With that in mind, why not sign your dad up to a lesson that he’s going to enjoy. 

For instance, you could take him to a racetrack and see how he fares behind the wheel of a sportscar. Alternatively, you might want to help both your mum and your dad out a bit by paying for some cooking lessons so that your pop can treat you all to a more delicious home made meal. Think about the kind of skills that your dad would love to develop, but never has the time to focus on. Then work from there. You can even take part in the lessons too if you like! 

Keep It Simple

Finally, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, or you know your dad will berate you from going over the top with a big party, why not choose something simple? One of the best ways to celebrate father’s day is to allow him to stand in his element. Fire up the grill and have a BBQ with the entire family, and a couple of ice-cold beers. 

This is the perfect opportunity for you and other members of your family to spend some quality time together. You can still exchange gifts and make sure that the focus remains on your dad. After all, it is his special day. However, rather than actively celebrating, you can spend more of your time relaxing and unwinding instead. If you dad rarely has the chance to put his feet up these days, this might be the perfect opportunity for him to put his tasks on hold for a while and remember what matters most. 


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