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At Professional Gardening UK, we pride ourselves on providing affordable solutions for the needs of your outdoor space. Our experts are here every step of the way when it comes to landscape design, garden maintenance, lawn care, and even basic planting services.  It’s never been easier to freshen up your garden, as we offer one of the best gardening services according to clients. Our gardening experts will help you make the best decisions for your London area home.

Find below three of the most demanded services, which you can take advantage of and transform your garden:

The three most demanded services you need to level up your garden

Is it time for a garden makeover? Then you have come to the right place. The Professional Gardening UK team is fully equipped and capable to bring your garden back to life.   With some invaluable tips and help from gardening experts, you can now get the yard of your dreams by investing in three fundamental gardening services. Get a free quote for your small or large outdoor area and let our gardeners do their magic.

Regular Lawn Care

A beautiful lawn totally transforms garden space and makes it look neat and presentable. That is why it is essential to retain yard aesthetics and take good care of your grassy area. No doubt why mowing and lawn care are some of the most demanded professional gardening services

Our efficient lawn care service includes:

  • Grass mowing;

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  • Weeding;
  • Edge trimming;
  • Lawn feeding;
  • Leaf clearance. 

Grass mowing is the most basic garden maintenance a lawn needs to stay healthy. Additionally, weeds should be removed regularly since they spread rapidly among your grass, suffocating its root system. Leaf clearance is also a very important step in lawn grooming, as it allows your green area to stand out.

A lush green lawn needs a lot of nutrients to grow and look visually appealing, so fertilization is a vital step no gardener should miss. Last but not least, edging complements any freshly-mowed, neat and weed-free grass, and complements landscape features.

From regular mowing and edge trimming to advanced soil care, our professional gardening services in West London would do wonders for your grass. We are fully equipped to bring out the best of your lawn space and maintain your landscape in perfect condition all year round.


Thriving plants make a looming garden. When greens get their sufficient nutrients and adequate growing conditions, they develop healthily and it shows. 

Whether you want a blooming lawn or a fruit and veggies garden, never underestimate the planting procedure. The process requires a lot of necessary steps like seed choice, location, bed preparation, soil enrichment, sowing, compost and mulching, and watering. It is amazing when you get to grow your own edibles, flowers, or decorative plants, but do you have to do all the work by yourself?  

Getting professional gardening services for the planting process has a lot of advantages. Not only it saves you time, but it also minimizes the risks of accidenta

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lly damaging the greenery, messing up the watering schedule, or using the wrong fertilizer.

Professional gardeners do wonders for your garden, as they know exactly how to plant and situate certain plant types in order to get a sufficient amount of airflow, shade, and light. From initial landscape design to planting and cultivation, our team will help you set up and grow a perfect garden.

Garden clearance

A clean and tidy garden always makes a good impression. Nobody likes dirty surroundings and garden waste laying around. That is why outdoor clearance is such an important step in efficient garden maintenance. 

Specialized tools and equipment like leaf blowers, rakes, and shovels make the job of sweeping out garden debris easier. Dead stalks, branches, twigs, and rocks do not belong in your garden, so they need to be taken away to the trash. Soft waste like rotten produce and leaves, on the other hand, is totally compostable and could be put to use later on.

Ready to turn your backyard jungle into a presentable outdoor space? Trust our professional gardeners with your garden clean up! We can remove leaves and all kinds of debris from your yard, and handle their proper waste disposal and recycling. 

And if you want to take your garden glow-up to another level, we also offer weeding, pruning of overgrown greenery, lawn care, and re-turfing, and even hedge trimming. Additionally, you may also take advantage of our professional jet washing of outdoor furniture, pavements, and other hard surfaces.

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