Time-Saving Tips for Moms who Hate Doing Laundry

It’s common for women to do the laundry. And while many moms enjoy these household tasks, some don’t. If you hate doing laundry, probably because it’s a hectic, time-consuming, and monotonous task, there are a few ways to ease the process and love the task. 

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Below, we highlighted 4 time-saving tips for moms who hate doing laundry. By implementing these tips, you may start enjoying and looking forward to the laundry day.

   Use less detergent

The more soap, the cleaner, right? Wrong! 

Contrary to what people think, having excessive suds is not good. It can ruin your result by trapping soil and allowing it to redeposit on clothes. Ensure you reduce the regular amount of detergent you use on your clothes.

Try to find the perfect amount for your washer. Doing so will protect your clothes and help you save money.

 Sorting isn’t just about color.

How do you sort your clothes? Some people go whites, colors, lights, dark…and that’s all. While this isn’t a bad way to sort your clothes, we recommend paying attention to one extra factor: fabric types. 

Ensure that you keep fuzzy materials like towels and robes away from more delicate materials that attract lint. By doing so, you won’t have to go through the frustrating process of picking fluffy particles from clothing like leggings.

  Outsource your laundry task

Do you sigh at the thought of doing laundry? Do you wish you could transfer the burden of laundry to someone else, probably a professional? If yes, why not consider outsourcing your laundry tasks? 

You can outsource it to a family member or a laundry service Tampa. Outsourcing your laundry to a professional laundry service guarantees good results and allows you to spend your time on other essential tasks or on yourself. 

   Don’t wash your jeans each time you put them on.

Of course, this may sound counterintuitive as personal hygiene requires washing your clothes to stay clean. Now, here is the thing. If you spend a day working in your jeans and it gets dirty, wash them.

However, if you wear it for a few hours and it doesn’t get dirty, rather than toss it for laundry, just hang it back up and wear it again. Doing this saves you the time and stress that would have been invested in washing a jean that isn’t dirty. It also helps extend the life of your jeans. 

    Involve your kids

Who says your kids cannot help with the laundry? While you handle the crucial, delicate, and complicated aspects of laundry, your kids can help out with the basic aspects. You can give them socks to match up.

You can also instruct them to put the sheets on their beds or remove them. They can fold towels and napkins and even help hang shirts up. These are basic tasks that your kids can handle. And if they lack the skills to handle these tasks, you can take out time to teach them. Their assistance will be handy, especially for someone who hates doing laundry.  


It’s normal to hate doing laundry. After all, it’s not a fun task that releases happy hormones. However, by implementing the tips above, you may fall in love with this household chore. Heck, you may even start looking forward to those laundry days you once disliked. 

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