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Gift ideas for women

Sometimes it can be tough to pick gifts for the woman in your life, so I thought why not compile a list of honest recommendations of what women really want, from the practical to the luxurious we have compiled some recommendations below.


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I know you are thinking this is a high risk option!! Trust me on this, I found found the perfect offering with sizing that makes the decision a whole lot easier.   I bring you Identity Lingerie. These are a small family run company making beautiful yet practical nightwear and underwear.  The products are ethically made and environmentally friendly another mega plus in my book. In terms of sizing the products come in size s – xxl, by way of example 32A, 32B, 32C, 32D, 34AA, 34A, 34B represents a small so a lot easier to choose sizes.

I love good nightwear, it really is my treat to myself and I was lucky enough to be sent some of the nightwear product so I can hand on heart attest to the quality of the fabric and workmanship.  They are super comfy. I have the Japanese Silk in Navy and I adore them. The fit is excellent as is the quality and they have been washed multiple times are still perfect. I see they are 40% off at the moment making them £59.90 which in my mind is excellent value for what you get. Pic opposite from the webpage as im pretty sure nobody wants to see me in my pjs!

I am 100% going to invest in a shorts pair also for next summer. How adorable are the pink shorty pj’s one.  Actually come to think of it I must drop some hint for a dressing gown for Christmas, hint hint if you are ready this Dada Fairy!!!

I really think its hard to go wrong with some good quality nightwear. Its a splurge item many of us put to the bottom of our list but something that’s luxurious that we would all really appreciate. I think anyway. Do check out Identity Lingerie, speaking from experience and being fortunate enough to have some of their beautiful products you wont be disappointed.


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An usual choice for a gift you might say but I can assure you if the women in your life is interested in water sports or like me has embraced the latest sea swimming trend she will really appreciate good quality swimwear. My top pick speaking from using the products all summer are swimsuits from Halocline Swimwear I know when I first started sea swimming I found it difficult to get longer length swimwear, I wanted something to my knee for comfort under the wetsuit and being honest im probably a bit more self conscious of my shape after having 2 kids so felt a lot more comfortable in the longer length. The swimwear is chlorine proof, UV 50+ Protection, sun cream and oil resistant.  Halocline don’t just do ladies swimwear they also do a great range of boys and girls swimwear and men not forgetting the men!!. My boys spent a week at sea swimming lessons and gave the jammers a big thumbs under for under their wetsuits.

I would highly recommend if you are thinking of going down this route for a gift idea is a towel robe for me this is a holy grail product for sea swimmer.  I was fortunate enough to be sent a towel robe this summer and I have made very good use out of mine having spent the entire summer by the sea.  I have had other towel robes in the past but what sets the Halocline one apart for me is firstly the length – its longer than most so ideal to throw it on as soon a you get out of the water to warm up and secondly it washes really and I mean really well. Its is still as soft as the day it arrived. Its the one thing that drives me mad is when after all the washing and saltwater contact they get hard, this one doesn’t so a winner in my book anyway.

On the off chance somebody that knows me well is reading this and thinking about what they would like to buy me for Christmas, I would really like a dry bag for my swim gear, the Halocline one is big enough for swimwear, a small towel and accessories like comb, goggles and a nose clip. Ideal addition for a swimmers kit.


Note: Where a product has been sent to me for review this has been mentioned above however all views are my own.

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