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Halloween fun with Fiesty Pets

The day has finally arrived. In our house anyway the only bigger celebration is Christmas. My kids love Halloween so they were mega excited when the day arrived. Costumes more or less agreed on, goodies purchased for the trick or treats and most likely a night of little sleep when the inevitable sugar rush kicks in!!!

Just before Halloween a new super cutie arrived in our door….Sir Growls a Lot! Great name, I may keep it in reserve 🙂

I hadn’t heard of Fiesty Pets but my pair knew instantly what was about to happen. Do not be fooled.

These cuties are not what they seem, squeeze them at the head and the super cutie turns super cross!

Just look at Sir Growls a Lot – I actually thought the 3 year old might be frightened! Not a bit, he loves them too.

The six year old has been having bad dreams of late and he thought of the idea of keeping Sir Growls a Lot beside his bad to keep the bad dreams away. I love that idea and I love how much the teddy now means to him. It was never the intended purpose of it but it works and im leaving well enough alone.

I think these guys would be a great gift for the upcoming season.  They come in a range of different animals and priced around €18. They don’t require batteries always a mega plus!

Along with Sir Growls a Lot arrived with some very cool Snazaroo face paints. I have said I before many time and ill say it again. I am not creative. Not even the smallest bit so I delegated to the kids.

Request one- “Can you paint me like Sir Growls a Lot

Drum roll please…….be warned the likeness is uncanny………maybe just maybe my kids have inherited my (lack of) creativity.


Note: We were sent the Fiesty Pets and Snazaroo Face paints however all views and opinions are mine or the kids where appropriate.
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