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Hand Held Shower Head – What Options Do You Have?

Choosing a hand held shower head is an important decision because your choice of shower can make a huge impact on the style and feel of your bathroom. When choosing which one to get it’s important to consider things like: what style of shower do you want; is it going to be the focal point of the room or will it be more of a decorative feature? What fixtures do you prefer and which ones do you not? All these questions are important when making your choice!

There are currently four main high-pressure hand held shower head styles. These include wall-mount, handheld, rain shower, and three ways. The style that works best for you personally will likely depend on personal preference, bathroom size, and preferred design. Here is a quick breakdown of the four types:

Wall-Mounted: Wall-mounted hand held shower heads are the standard, but they are typically larger than handheld and rain shower heads. They can also be expensive depending on where you purchase them from. They generally require that the outlet in your wall is strong enough to handle the weight. They are great if you want a large shower hose but can be bulky.

Handheld: Handheld shower heads can be small and compact, or very large. They are generally inexpensive, easy to install, and come with their installation manual. Some can even be installed by yourself. However, if you choose a handheld shower head holder that has an extra-long spray, it can be difficult to get it set up if the outlet is not long enough. This can result in having to extend the outlet by at least two feet.

Fixed: Fixed shower heads can be attached to your walls, or you can purchase an add-on attachment. With fixed shower heads, the actual head will rest against your wall. These are the most common, and many people prefer them. However, fixed shower heads are prone to leaking, especially if the spray nozzle is not properly attached. You need to be careful when setting up fixed shower heads since they can be quite heavy.

Combination: A combination shower fixture may not look like a shower fixture at all. These are typically easy to install, and many companies make them with their combination capabilities. These units have the features of both a hand held shower head holder and a standard shower head fixture. They often look like cabinets (on which you can hang a shower curtain), or they may be small and just used as a hand held shower head. The most popular combination units are the two-piece fixtures, which are either one-piece units that come with a built-in handheld shower curtain wand, or two-piece units that come with the wand but include a separate shower rod that attaches to the base.

Nickel Finishes: All of our Hand Held Shower Head brands offer nickel finishes, which give the units a very nice look. These nickel finishes vary from an antique nickel to modern chrome finish options. These are very nice, if somewhat on the expensive side, and the various hand held shower head brands offer different price ranges. If you want a finish that is on the luxurious side, you should check out some of the higher-end options available.

If you are building a new home, we recommend that you check out our complete selection of Hand Held Shower Fixtures. Our professional installation specialists will make sure everything works so that you can enjoy your newly remodeled bathroom. There are multiple styles to choose from, and we even have options for you to customize your Hand Held shower heads! No matter what you are looking for, you can find a top-quality product that fits your needs. Feel free to browse through our entire selection, and contact a professional today.

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