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Boiler Servicing: How Often Does It Need Doing?

Boilers, despite them being largely reliable, do need some TLC from time to time to keep all their components functioning as they should. There’s no good using your boiler day in and day out for a number of years and expecting it not to break down or experience issues in some way. Your boiler’s performance and efficiency will naturally deteriorate over time, so booking your boiler in for an annual service is one way to make sure any issues are identified before they escalate and become detrimental for the health of your boiler. Besides the obvious benefits of servicing like having any old parts replaced, you risk your boiler warranty becoming invalid by failing to have your boiler checked once a year. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give your boiler some much-deserved TLC by scheduling it in for a service.

What does boiler servicing include?

  • Inspection of parts. 

Professionals will check over your boiler and pipework for any leaks, blockages or corrosions by removing your boiler casing. Older boilers will naturally need more parts replacing due to the natural build-up of grime and sludge. 

If your boiler is particularly old, your engineer may advise a replacement rather than recommending that you spend tons of money on new parts. BOXT offers a range of top-quality boiler brands that can help homes to hugely reduce their energy bills with their A-rated energy-efficiency. All their new boilers also come with a five-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing that if anything goes wrong, you can have a local engineer called out to help. 

  • Gas pressure and flow. 

Over time, your boiler pressure can become too low or high. This is due to numerous factors and can usually be fixed with techniques like bleeding radiators, flushing your system or repressurising your boiler. Boiler servicing means any minor issues like this can be identified and fixed to prevent your boiler from breaking down further down the line. 

As your boiler heats your home, waste gases are produced and sent through your flue pipe to leave your home. Your engineer will check your flue pipe to ensure there are no blockages causing danger to your household and will take note of the amount of waste gas being produced – too much flue gas can be a sign that your boiler is running inefficiently. 

  • Working faults.

As well as checking your boiler internally for underlying issues, an engineer will fire up your boiler to see if there are any obvious problems. For example, does your boiler make any odd noises, does your displays screen show up as it should, etc. 

Why do you need an annual boiler service? 

  • Household safety.

The most obvious and important reason to prioritise boiler servicing is to ensure your household is safe. Faulty boilers can be dangerous and put your family at risk of gas leaks. Boilers can put families in huge danger if things go wrong by releasing lethal gases like carbon monoxide. 

  • Catch issues early on. 

Boiler servicing is important for finding and tackling problems while they’re still easy to fix. Small issues can end up becoming problematic and even unfixable if left alone for too long. 

  • Reduce energy bills.

Depending on whether your boiler is insured or not, your boiler servicing may come at a cost. Despite this, making sure your boiler is running at optimum efficiency is sure to save you money in energy bills month on month, making it entirely worth it.

If you are debating whether to book your boiler in for a service, don’t hesitate. All it requires is as little as twenty minutes for an engineer to check over your boiler and pipework, give them a test, and you’re good to go. 


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