Helping Your Child Manage their Emotions

The better children are at managing their emotions, the more likely they will be to overcome certain challenges. If they are confident in their problem solving and coping abilities, they will be able to channel any negative emotions in a more positive way. So, how can parents help their children manage their emotions? Here are some tips from a private nursery in Hertfordshire.

Label Emotions

If you notice that your child seems to be behaving in a certain way, talk to them about how they are feeling. Teach them different ways to describe how they’re feeling. For example, if they are struggling with their homework and it’s affecting their mood, say something like “I can see that you are getting a bit frustrated with this so why don’t I help you?”. 

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As well as giving a name to your child’s emotions, you could do the same for characters on the TV or in a book you read together. Take a minute to ask your child how that character might be feeling and why, as well as what they could potentially do to feel better.

The more they understand their emotions, the easier it will be for them to come up with a coping strategy. They will also become better at anticipated certain emotional reactions to different experiences and will be able to prepare for them in advance. 

Teach Coping Mechanisms

Your child needs to learn that there’s nothing wrong with feeling a certain way, it’s how they react that’s the main thing. For example, just because they’re angry it doesn’t mean they can lash out in a violent way. With this in mind, you should try and teach your child various coping mechanisms.

Next time you can see your child getting angry, don’t react with anger yourself. Instead, encourage them to take a time-out. Suggest that they should go into another room for a breather so that they can calm down. If your child doesn’t know what to do when they are angry or upset, they are more likely to become aggressive or attention-seeking. 

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