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How One Simple Change Can Transform Your Decor

Tired of your space’s style? Don’t want to get the decorators in, let alone the builders, to make a fine mess, even if it will mean a much-updated space? Don’t have tons of money to spend on the decor? No problem! Sometimes, making one simple change can truly transform your space…

  1. Say It with Sofas

blue sofa

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Your sofa. It’s more than just a seating arrangement; it’s the anchor of your space. Swapping your old sofa for something bold and beautiful, which is really easy with so many sofas for sale, can redefine your living area. Opt for something that pops—think velvet for a touch of luxe, or a bright, unexpected colour like mustard yellow to inject some cheer. A new sofa isn’t just a place to sit; it’s a statement piece that can dictate the tone and feel of the entire room.

  1. Art on the Walls

Swap out those old movie posters for some striking pieces of art. You don’t need a Monet or a Van Gogh; just something that captures your personality. Whether it’s vibrant street art prints, abstract canvases, or vintage finds, art can transform a wall, a room, or even an entire apartment. It’s like the visual equivalent of a mic drop.

  1. Throw in Some Textiles

Sometimes, all you need are a few plush cushions and a throw to make everything feel new. Mix and match different textures and patterns to add depth to your decor. A Moroccan throw or some hand-woven cushions can add a dash of exoticism and comfort to any room. It’s an instant facelift, minus the surgery!

  1. Refresh Your Shelves

Take a hard look at your shelves. Are they cluttered? Are they a mishmash of everything and anything? Time to declutter and curate. Choose a colour scheme or theme, and display items that reflect that, be it books, vases, or your collection of vintage cameras. Styling your shelves can change the aesthetic of your room and showcase your personality.

  1. Change Your Handles and Knobs

Here’s a simple trick with knobs on—change your handles and knobs. It’s like jewellery for your furniture, and often all that’s needed to give cabinets or drawers a new lease of life. Go classic with brass for sophistication, or funky with ceramic for a splash of fun.

  1. Add Architectural Details

Installing crown moulding, chair rails, or wainscoting can add elegance and architectural interest to your living room. These elements can break up a monotonous wall, add historic charm, or simply provide a finished look to your space.

  1. Update Your Doorways

Doorways are often neglected because, as long as they look clean and tidy, who cares about them really? They’re just for walking through or closing out the draught, right? Well, no! Adding decorative frames or moulding around your doors can definitely make the place look more elegant, and of course, painting the frames a different colour to the rest of the doors can really make the space pop.

You really don’t have to take on a lengthy renovation project to transform your space!

Note: This is a collaborative post 

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