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How technology is improving road safety

How is technology improving road safety…

Last weekend while having dinner my oldest asked how many miles is it to Donegal – about 140 miles I answered. My husband then thought out loud wondering how many miles have we have done this summer?! We love travel whether that is within Ireland or overseas.  We think conservatively we have travelled around 5,000 miles this summer!

Car safety

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I am acutely aware of the dangers of being on the road. Its sad to say that very few days go by when we don’t hear of a tragedy on our roads. While we cant control other peoples actions what we can do is control our own.  I am a proponent of rear facing for as long as is practicable, I am obsessive about NCT and road worthiness, checking tyres before setting off, ensuring lights are all working fine. Some people would say I’m a little obsessive, compulsive maybe. However I don’t care – I want to ensure I do all I can to ensure my own safety and that over others in so far as I can. Having first hand experience of the after affects of a un-roadworthy vehicle means I can talk with all too real experience.

Road Safety and Technology

I totally embrace technology and I welcome with open arms anything that makes travelling on our roads safer.  One of the recent additions for us has been a dash cam.  While dash cams don’t make your vehicle any safer per se they can assist after the event and thus potentially help ensure it doesn’t happen again. Only recently have insurers accepted dash cam footage as evidence in compensation claims. A move I welcome, as we have all read recently how insurance premiums have been rocketing.

There are many other technologies out there which can potentially make our roads safer see    I will admit the concept of driverless cars both excites and terrifies me in equal measure!! For further information please guide.


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