How to Continue Progressing Your Career at Home During Lockdown

Right now, millions of employees right across the world are working from home. In these uncertain times, having secure employment can feel like a luxury, but you may be concerned about your long term career progression. When you are working from home and missing out on the one-to-one interaction with your colleagues and boss, it can be challenging to gauge your performance and to find ways to get noticed. If you were next in line for a promotion before you made the shift to working from home, then you may be eager not to lose career momentum and for your hard work to go to waste. Here are some of the ways that you can continue to progress your career without being in the office:

Boost Your Productivity


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One concern that many employers have always had about remote working is the worry that their team may slack while away from the office environment. The fear that employees will sit around watching Netflix in their pyjamas rather than working is a big part of the reluctance to foster a work from home culture.

Increasing your productivity while working from home is an excellent way to make yourself stand out and to show that you have the initiative and work ethic to give your role your undivided attention, even in these challenging times. To be able to boost your productivity, you need to feel more comfortable working from home and create a working setup that enables you to deliver your best performance. Studies show that the work environment can have a significant impact on productivity levels, so making sure that your workspace suits your needs is vital.

Keep Communicating

Just because you are not in the office, it doesn’t mean that you cannot communicate with your colleagues, and more importantly, keep in touch with your boss. If you have regular catch-ups and progress meetings with your manager in the office, then these should continue when you are working from home albeit in a virtual capacity. These meetings, whether they are a phone call or via Zoom, should enable you to let your boss know what you are working on and to receive feedback on your performance. It is easy to lose motivation and feel disconnected from work when you are at home, so these meetings should help you to keep your motivation levels high and subtly remind your boss that you are keen to drive your career forward.

Carry on Learning

Life in lockdown has put an end to socialising right now, so why not use this time to develop your skillset? While lockdown may have scuppered many plans, it does present an opportunity for you to take on some CPD via distance learning. Having extra professional qualifications is an excellent way to stand out from the other candidates when applying for promotions. Continuing training through an online training program will also help you to keep your brain occupied and ensure that your professional knowledge is as up to date as possible.

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