3 Activities You Can Participate in This Winter

Winter is a fantastic time for togetherness with those who matter in your life, excellent food, and heightened moods.  When the cold weather strikes, and we want to keep warm, it may feel like our choices for activities are limited.  They don’t have to be!  Here are three of the most fun activities anyone can enjoy during winter, even while social distancing.

Indoors Picnics and Camping

Although we’re all too familiar with those we’ve lived with through this pandemic, that doesn’t mean we can’t get closer.  Instead of digging through Banff homes for sale to get a little space, come together to create some fun memories.  Camping is a fun and creative way to spruce up any living room or den.  You can go all the way and set up a tent indoors, but the more cozy version would be to make a blanket and pillow fort.  Fill this area up with all of your favorite comforts, put a campfire YouTube video on the television, and eat some good food together.  You can toast marshmallows over unscented candles and drink hot chocolate while telling stories or reminiscing about other years.  This idea is a great way to connect more emotionally and be a lot of fun for any family or household.

Drop-Off Bake-Offs


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Winter is the best time to bake!  Not only does it heat your home a little more, but it also ensures everyone can enjoy some delicious treats.  Unfortunately, there’s only so much food you can have everyone in your home try before they get sick of cookies and sweets.  Consider having a drop-off bake-off!  In this event, everyone bakes or cooks something that they can package up into small boxes and then leaves it on each other’s doorsteps.  This plan is better with food that can sit for a moment so that you can leave it behind without worrying about anyone catching an illness.  This task may be a competition, where someone can win the best cookie or be treated like a potluck where everyone gets their special treats.  Either way, it’s an excellent way to feel connected.

Enjoy The Outdoors

As long as you’re responsible and thoughtful, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the outdoors from 2020 to 2021.  Winter makes many people feel restless and uneasy, so the best way to get some vitamin D and a little fresh air is to get out into the elements.  To keep this safe, use your backyard or a public area where you know that nobody else will be within twenty feet of your family.  From there, you can set up games like tag-football in the snow, build snowmen, or enjoy a wintery hike.  Pack some hot chocolate or hot tea, and enjoy the clean air and good company.  When you leave, make sure to clean up any trash and leave only footprints!  Doing this once in a while, and letting yourselves cut loose and get out some of that peaky energy, is a great way to leave everyone happier for the rest of the season.

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