How to destress playing games online

When it comes to finding ways to distress, playing games online can be a huge help. It’s amazing that the world of technology that we live in offers us so many ways to unwind, this means that we have the ability to slow down and relax a bit when those stressful times arise.

What is stress?

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In the current environment we find ourselves in with the ongoing covid situation, for many of us it has been a very stressful time either missing family or loosing income, stress unfortunately has become a feature of our daily lives.  The word stress tends to be bandied about a lot but what does it actually mean, according to Mental Health.org stress is “Stress is the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure“, it is in essence our body’s response to pressure.

Online gaming

One of the biggest bonuses of using  technology to distress is that it’s an immediate action to do. This means that you have the ability to recognize those feelings of stress and anxiety and then very quickly use your PC or laptop to find a balance and calmness.  Online gaming can conjure up negative connotations however it is anything but like that. Take plays.org for example, which is a fantastic site offering free and fun games you can play online via your browser. The selection is really huge, currently over 100, with new games are being added all the time, a number of games a day I believe.  What I love about this site is that it is almost the opposite of today’s ultra competitive gaming industry – no downloading of apps, no paid upgrades, games you can dip in and out of, pure old school fun and exactly the kind of games which can help destress and take your mind off things. Plus, did you know that there are also games that pay real money out there? Surely there can’t be many better ways to destress than to be chilling and earning money at the same time – it sounds like a win win situation to me anyway


There are so many games that can be great for getting rid of the stress as well. Myself and my husband put this theory to the test of the last couple of weeks and we have been trying out some of the plays.org games. What I really loved was the Pac Man inspired game PacRat closely followed by Super Tetris and an online chess game.

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My husband totally loved Metal Pinball and the Danger Mouse game -some serious nostalgia there!!! You can always start by clicking into a few and then seeing if they’re what you need. They are super simple to click into and give a go.  And if you don’t feel as though one game is working for you, simply try another! With so many great online games and options, you don’t have to settle for anything that isn’t instantly providing your relief.

Using simple online gaming  to distress is the perfect way to slow down and get your mind thinking about something else.

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