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How To Encourage Good Behaviour In Your Australian Home From Your Kids

How To Encourage Good Behaviour In Your Australian Home From Your Kids

As a stay-at-home parent, it can become very exhausting taking care of your kids because they are always up to something and it is your job as a responsible adult to rein them in and to make sure that they behave. There are so many distractions nowadays for kids and many don’t want to listen to excellent advice that they get from their parents because they are constantly playing on digital devices which act as real distractions. Trying to take care of a functioning home and also take care of your kid is a lot of responsibility to put onto anyone’s shoulders and so you would be forgiven for maybe not encouraging positive behaviour in your child.

As a result, you may be finding it incredibly hard to get your child to behave in an appropriate manner but thankfully you can always turn to the EIBI program to help you along the way. This excellent programme teaches you how to interact with your child so that you are encouraging positive behaviour from them and that you are providing them with consistent guidance at all times. As well as signing up for this incredible program, the following are just some other things that you can do to encourage good behaviour in your Australian home.

  • Spend quality time togetherIt can be hard putting aside time for you and your kid to spend together but it contributes to a more loving and closer relationship with your child. It can be something as simple as just playing together, reading them a book or just having a talk about day-to-day things the children like to talk about. Never be afraid to give your child hugs all the time and be willing to smile and to encourage them.
  • Be their role modelMany children act exactly like their parents and so if you are not providing them with the right role model then you will find it a lot more difficult to control their behaviour. You may not know this but your child is watching you all the time to see how you react to certain situations and what you say. If you are constantly speaking in a quiet and controlled voice, remaining calm and stable then you will find that your child will do the same.
  • Praise them when they are goodEverybody loves to receive praise and especially young kids. You should always be trying to provide them with positive praise at all times no matter what they are doing. If you are constantly praising them for good behaviour then it is increasingly likely that they will not engage in bad behaviour. It is important that you always listen to your kids, provide them with a safe place and if you make them a promise, then stick to it and deliver.

It is all about creating the right kind of environment that is conducive to positive behaviour and so provide your kids with a safe and stimulating place to play and to interact in. 

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