How to Raise an Optimistic Child

Having optimism can dare you to take on challenges and help your child to reach their full potential. It can be characterised as having hopefulness for the future despite any fears involved. We have partnered with a private school in Cardiff to share advice on how to raise an optimistic child.

Encourage Their Inner Daredevil

Allowing your child to take on risks isn’t as reckless or as dangerous as it seems. By allowing your child to take small risks, they can overcome their fears and learn not to be afraid. Risks of course should be considered carefully based on age, safety and where your child is in their development.

Be Their Superhero

Having a parent that is courageous and bravely takes on challenges can help to instil optimism. We like to follow in our parent’s footsteps and by showing your child a lack of willingness to try hard things, you can also develop pessimism in your child.

Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Encouraging words that remind and reassure your child of how strong they are can help them to internalise your compliments and build their self-belief. This can help your child to think more rationally when facing a problem by reducing anxiety and giving them the courage to try. 

Confidence is also a product of past experience and thinking of instances where your child has demonstrated that they are capable can help to reinforce self-belief. To do this, refrain from helping your child where possible and simply act as a guide.

Challenge Pessimistic Thoughts

Have conversations with your child to get to the route of their fears. This will allow you to tackle them together by challenging them. This might be a belief that ‘nothing ever goes right’ or that people will make fun of them. 

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