How To Ready Your Home For Sale In 2023

How To Ready Your Home For Sale In 2023

Selling your home is something of a mountain to climb, especially if this is your first move since buying your first home. The more you move, the easier it should get but there are often more logistics to the move, as well as more household members and even more belongings.

With that being said, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for sale so that you’re not finding unnecessary delays or problems cropping up in your home selling and buying process. 

Here are some top tips that will have your home ready for sale and ensure it goes as smoothly in 2023 as you would hope it to.

Do any existing updates to improve the value

If there’s anything that could improve the value of your home, then now is the time to do it. Those extra additions you make to your property could be the difference between an extra £500 to an extra £5,000.

Of course, it’s always good to be selective with the updates you’re doing, especially as you don’t want to invest too much money that you’re not profiting when it comes to selling the property.

Consider what changes you’ve been meaning to make and that won’t cost a fortune. If you’re not planning to sell for at least five years or more, then the bigger projects like a home renovation or additional room added onto the property could be explored.

Fix anything that’s broken or damaged

Do you have blinds falling off the window that have seen better days? Perhaps your oven hob is scratched and damaged to an inch of its life. Whatever the damage is to your home, it’s always worthwhile doing any quick fixes before putting up your property for sale.

This is important to do because some buyers will want to purchase a property that they don’t need to do anything to. Of course, there are those who love a project but that might not be for the buyers who are interested in your home in particular.

Make sure that you’ve fixed anything that’s broken or damaged and that you’d be leaving as part of the fixtures and fittings in the home.

Get a mix of estimates from real estate agents

When selling your home, it’s always good to get a good mix of estimates from the real estate agents you’re interested in having sold the home. Some will sell you the dream and not deliver on that dream, while others will work hard to get as close to your expectations as possible. You may even get lucky and get exactly what you want.

Every property sale is different and every estate agent works differently. It’s often luck of the draw and who’s around your local area to help? With that being said, get the lay of the land by acquiring a mixture of estimates from real estate agents across your local area.

Ask them questions, get their reasoning for the pricing and think carefully before you decide who you want to sell your home.

Make sure you’ve got a solicitor in place

A solicitor is important to have in place when it comes to selling and buying a property. There’s a lot of legal work that needs to be done and to try and do it yourself is often near enough impossible, especially if you have no real legal experience.

Solicitors can be costly, so again, it’s worth shopping around for the right firm. However, once you’ve found one, that could always end up being the one you work with for any future house sales you do.

Stage your home for buyers

When showing prospective buyers around your home, it’s important to make sure it’s staged appropriately. Revert any rooms you may have made into something else for the purpose of your household’s needs back to its original format. This will help buyers visualise the space without being put off by what furniture is already in there.

With staging, it’s easy enough to do but there are people who stage homes for the sole intent of being more successful in the home’s sale so it’s worth querying this if needed.

Be sure to make movement on your next property

Finally, make sure you’ve got processes in place for the move to your next property. Ideally, you want to be looking for your next property while selling your current one. It’s all about timing, especially when you’re in a chain with other people involved.

With these tips, hopefully, you’ll have a more smooth and seamless property sale this year.

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