How To Select A Real Estate Postcard Company?

The market is buzzing with scores of realtors, each striving to reach out to prospective investors. You must have recently received many emails regarding the same. Hence, it is imperative to reach the prospective buyers before others can. 

Sending out your neighborhood realtor postcards is a great way to meet clients and grow your business like never before. There are several channels to get in touch with the customers, but surprisingly postcards as a means to reach the masses are trending again. 

If you want to design a postal-card, you can take the help of online expert services and get one created for you any day. But before you reach out, you must understand how to select a realtor postcard maker.

How To Select A Realtor Postcard Maker?

In the real estate business, you need to change your game plan to have the upper hand. A postcard is an effective way to reach potential buyers. But you need to be careful while selecting one.

Here are some tips.

  • Understands your requirements

It is always wonderful to work with like-minded people and those who understand your needs. Accordingly, work with designers who know what you want and your needs and are ready to customize. 

  • Offers multiple template options

No two clients have the exact requirements, and there is no one-size-fits-all format for cards. But to cut down on efforts, some designers would like to impose the already created layouts on you. 

So it is imperative to understand that what worked for one business might not be as good for your business. Select a designer who has multiple ready-made templates and offers sufficient customization options as well. 

  • Is it price efficient?

If you are on a budget, you can choose affordable services. But ensure that you get value for money. Some designers might lure you with great designs before closing the deal but fail to deliver the same agreed price later. 

  • Generates high-quality output

There are many ways to accomplish a task, but some designers might take a cheaper route to finishing their job to save time and effort. However, the final result must match your expectations. Hence look for a designer who is proficient in their work.

  • Can they customize?

A designer must not impose his designs on you but convert your ideas into reality. The agency must not hesitate to explore the options and is ready to customize your neighborhood realtor postcards on any level.

  • Offers tracking system

Some designers use high-end technology and help you track the delivery of the postal-cards. This facility enables you to ensure that your efforts are not in vain and reach the right buyers at the right time. 

  • Provides buyer list facility

Some designers go a step ahead to please their clients and offer a list of prospective buyers to the clients. This helps the clients improve the business and reach out to more buyers than ever expected. If your designer offers you a list of buyers, it will boost your business.

  • Has no minimum order quantity criteria

You must have often met designers who don’t work below the minimum ordering quantity. They don’t work on low scales and expect to receive high order quantities to make profits. But this can be a significant loss for you as you might pay a substantial amount for cards you throw away after the end of the season. 

Hence it will be great to work with a designer who has no restrictions on minimum order quantities.


Competing with others in the market is a big deal, but with some planning and heed, you can make every effort count. Sending well-designed postal-cards to prospective buyers can help you close a big deal. So select a postcard maker who is reliable and proficient in the task. You can find a number of options when you do a simple google search. Be sure to go through customer reviews, their product catalog, etc., before making your decision. 

Note: This is a collaborative post 

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