How To Start A Healthy Fitness Journey

Exercising can be really fun, whether you are doing it alone or with company. However, more and more people are signing up themselves to join fitness programs as part of their daily workout routine. Some do it for bodybuilding reasons, some do it to lose weight, and some just generally enjoy working out a lot. Signing yourself up to a gym program can solidify your fitness plan, but not everyone has the time or money for it. And whilst many people have great luck with a running machine at home, you may not have the space for it.

Still and all, there are many testimonies of people who have successfully designed and adapted to their very own personal fitness plan, even without joining a gym membership. Not that I am saying the gym isn’t worth our time and money, but not everyone has a schedule that can fit in a workout session at the gym. If you are someone that has a busy work schedule but still wants to exercise, take note of this article as I am going to share some tips on how to start a healthy fitness journey.

Make A Commitment To Yourself


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Remember, you are in charge of finding your own balance. What that means is to find a suitable time that you can fully commit to a workout session. It doesn’t have to be an hour long. It can even be 15 minutes of jumping ropes. All that matters is to be committed to a goal, so that you can reach your goal!

Some days, I find it extra difficult to put on my work out clothes and start exercising. If you are not into cardio training or weightlifting, yoga is a great option where it focuses on stretching and relaxing the body. It’s a great way to relieve stress from the mind and the body. There’s also a multitude of approaches and levels of yoga training content available online.

Document Your Progress

There are many ways to document your personal progress. I like to keep a journal and take progress photos after my workout sessions. You can even do a weekly voice recording to talk about your goals and achievements, or how you feel about your progress and etcetera.

Documenting your progress can help you to reflect and to figure out how to improve your performance. It can also serve as a form of motivation, which you get to look back at all your hard work and progress through your documentation.

Start at Your Level

When designing your own fitness plan, make sure that it suits your lifestyle. This includes your meals, your choice of exercise and your recovery process. Working out isn’t just about eating healthy and exercising well, it’s also very important to let yourself rest. You don’t want to go over the limit that your body can take because you are trying to take care of your body and mind wellness.

Acknowledge Small Achievements

Every little achievement is worth a celebration. Celebrate the progress you’ve made and work towards your next goal with better motivation! Even if it’s celebrating that you’ve completed a gym session, or if you ate a healthy meal. Every little choice you’ve made brought you to where you are, so celebrate it!

Don’t Focus on Weight

Focusing on weight can create more stress. It’s very important to exercise for the benefit of physical and psychological wellness. If you are working on losing weight, focus on sweating as much as you can instead of looking at the numbers on the weighing scale.

I’ve only truly begun to focus on exercising when I stop looking at the numbers. Checking in once in a month on the weighing scale is fine if your intention is to look at progress. But obsessing over numbers may lead you to an unhealthy way of exercising.

It is very important to practice mindfulness and incorporate it to your fitness routine. A healthy mind can guide you throughout a healthy fitness journey!

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