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Industrial Crane Major Hazards & Safety Tips

Industrial cranes help to make work go faster. They can handle loads that would otherwise be challenging to move. However, by this nature, they can also be very dangerous if improperly handled. They should only ever be operated by qualified users. Additionally, the following tips will help you to ensure safety in your work area.

1) Ensure the Path Is Clear Before Use

Perhaps the most important safety tip is to make sure that the area is clear of any obstacles or risks. You don’t want to have any John Deere loader attachments lying around on the area or anything else that doesn’t need to be there.

Additionally, make sure that all people are out of the way. You should never move a crane load over any personnel. Similarly, there is no reason to make the lift more challenging than it needs to be with extra obstacles.

2) Maintain Equipment Carefully and Check Before Use


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Maintenance is also essential. Keep all parts in good working order and check them before you perform any lifts. A little bit of vigilance and care can go a long way. This includes any overhead crane attachments or similar parts.

Remember, you will be lifting potentially substantial weights with this equipment. Investing the resources to maintain that equipment properly is absolutely essential.

3) Alert All Personnel to Usage

If you are about to use the crane, make sure that everyone knows and is prepared. Some teams achieve this with a warning alarm whenever the crane is in use. Additionally, it is a good idea to announce the lift to anyone who is working in the area. As mentioned above, you should always make sure that people are out of the way. This starts with simply alerting them to the fact that the crane is in operation.

4) Never Swing the Load

Avoid swinging loads. Moving the crane overly quickly can cause the load to swing on the cables. Unsurprisingly, this can put a lot of unnecessary stress on the equipment. It is a good idea to move slowly and confidently whenever you have the crane in use. Similarly, avoid suddenly stopping a movement. Much like moving quickly, sudden stops will cause swinging.

5) Know the Limits

It is always a good idea to be fully versed in the limits of your equipment. Additionally, it is often a good idea to have a little extra capacity than you need. If you are looking at jib cranes for sale and need to move loads of 5,000 pounds, don’t get a crane that can handle exactly 5,000 pounds. Plan a little extra capacity to ensure that you will never exceed the limits of your equipment.

Always Be Safe at Work

The above tips will help you to operate cranes safely at work. However, you should never use any heavy equipment without being trained in its operation. These tips will help, but they are no replacement for in-depth training and qualification. Safe operation should also be a major consideration when you are planning the equipment that you will use on your site.

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