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Initial Purchases that Come with Getting a Dog

One of the most expensive times while owning a dog is the initial period, especially if you are purchasing a puppy. While you might be overwhelmed with excitement about your new addition to the family, it’s important to keep in mind the expenses so that you can budget properly. 


Your dog will need items to play with as soon as he gets to your house. They provide entertainment for your dog, keeping away the boredom when you’re not there to play. Get a large variety of toys so your dog can switch between them.  One thing that has happened in our house is when it is an occasion for any of us they often for us  get gifts for dog lovers as well as a gift for the dog!! Our beautiful collie  Lass is very spoilt. Toys really are great for keeping her occupied. 


Vet Bills

Your dog will need his vaccinations, along with anything else you decide, such as microchipping and neutering. Vet bills can be expensive, so visit for a more affordable vet that will provide your dog with quality treatment. 

A Leash 

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A leash is another necessity when first getting a dog. If you’re getting a puppy, then the chances are you won’t be walking him initially, but if you’re getting an adult dog, then you’ll need a leash right away. Research the best, most secure leashes for your breed to give your dog the most comfort possible.  Critically important is also getting a tag with the dogs name in case it ever got lost and your own contact details if possible.  For a real treat for you and your pet have a look at the gorgeous tags from Diamond Pets

Food and Food Bowls

Your new dog will need to eat as soon as he gets home, so prepare for that! Get some quality food bowls that are the right size for your dogs’ portions, and buy enough food to last a week or two. Don’t buy a months’ worth at first, as you might find your dog doesn’t like it! 

There are plenty of dog-chew options that may appeal to your dog’s palate, but you may as well get treats that are delicious, organic, and good for their teeth. Consider getting a bully stick treat, since this treat is not only delicious but also provides tons of protein for your dog.

Grooming Equipment 

To keep your dog well-groomed, purchase a dog brush along with dog shampoo and conditioner. This way, when they get muddy in the garden, you can give them a warm bath to get them clean again. No one wants a smelly dog in the house!

A Bed 

Find the comfiest bed you can find for your dog, so he doesn’t start sleeping on yours! Take his size into account when looking for a dog bed; for example a Chihuahua doesn’t need the same size bed as a Great Dane. 


If you’re getting a puppy, then you might need to spend some money puppy-proofing the house. This includes covering wires and placing doggy gates at the top and the bottom of the stairs. After all, you don’t want your new addition to the family hurting himself!

The Dog Itself

One of the more expensive purchases might be the dog itself, depending on what kind of breed you choose. Of course, there is always the option of adoption, which will significantly lessen your spending and give a dog in need a home. If you’re set on purchasing one, however, then you end up spending over five-hundred dollars. 

There is no definite amount of money that’s needed when getting a dog, as it differs depending on vet bills, type of breed, and what kind of food you will feed them. Make a list of all your planned purchases so you can budget for them in advance.

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