Need some help choosing an engagement ring? Here are some tips!

My younger brother recently got engaged and chatting to his finance made my think about all the considerations you need to think of when choosing an engagement ring. Its about 9 years since we got engaged however I still haven’t forgotten all the things that I researched thoroughly when choosing mine.


The average price of diamonds depends on its size, among others, so you have to be certain on the size you want.  Whether you choose to stay small or you raise the size, it all depends on your own personal preferences and budget. 


The clarity of the diamond is also important in choosing the engagement ring. You can opt to have a diamond that is very clear.  You might even settle with a diamond that has a lower clarity without you being able to notice the difference. 


If colour is more of your thing, you can choose to buy a coloured diamond instead. There are many people who would prefer to get a coloured diamond due to its uniqueness. Because the intensity of colours can differ, they will have something that is truly unique from others.


The cut of a diamond is also important, if not the most important. It does not only let you distinguish one diamond from the other, a diamond’s cut also has the greatest influence on the precious stone’s sparkle. Light is returned out of the top of the diamond if the cut is in proper proportions. But if the cut is too shallow, the light leaks out of the bottom. Light escapes out of the side if the cut is too deep.

You can choose to have those raw diamond crystals in round cut, square cut, the emerald cut, the princess cut, or the heart cut. You can also have it customised by the jeweller into some kind of a hybrid of the above choices. Critical here is to choose a reputable jeweller, if you are currently in the market for a ring, Abelini jewellery have a fantastic sale on at the moment and a vast selection to choose from. 


The setting defines the look of the ring. It really should showcases the stone to its best advantage. Whether you choose ready-made or want to build the ring from scratch, choose with your lifestyle and budget in mind.  Or how about a vintage style wedding ring? The choices really are endless. 

If ready-made rings fail to catch your fancy, you can design the ring yourself.  My best friend designed her own ring and it really is spectacular, it is truly her and really embodies her unique sense of style.

Which ever route you do choose, it is imperative you chose a jeweller that is reputable and in my view takes the appropriate ethical considerations into account.


Note: This is a collaborative post


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