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Is cane furniture good for the outdoors?

Decking up the outdoor space is one of the most exciting things to do. Many people pick it as a hobby to experiment with the decor of the outdoor space. So, when it comes to ramping up the space, you must consider various aspects to create the right plan. 

One of the first things that you need to do is to prepare a plan and the course of action. Once you have decided on the theme and the décor of the space, your next move should be to choose the right furniture set for the place. There are umpteen options in the market. And the right kind of furniture is going to infuse a new sense of aesthetics to even the simplest of places. 

All you need to know about cane 

Cane is a traditional and conventional choice for garden furniture. It comes from two different types, bamboo and rattan. While it is tall woody grass and is very strong and durable, rattan is a climbing palm. It has jointed stems, which are used for making cane furniture. Rattan garden furniture can be a great choice for those who love nature more.

What makes cane a good choice for outdoor furniture?

Amongst the different options available, the cane has been a popular choice for garden rattan furniture. Its natural look and versatility make it top the list of popular outdoor furniture options. When compared to other options like metal, then cane is softer and being a natural material, it easily harmonizes with the look and appeal of the garden. 

The flexibility of the cane makes it a good choice for garden furniture. This flexibility of cane makes it easier to mould it and bend to create desired designs which makes it a highly versatile material. 

Another feature of the cane that makes it a good choice for outdoor furniture is that it is light in weight, so in case of storms or thunderstorms, or rain, you can easily move the furniture. 

Durability is yet another aspect that adds to the positives of this material. Can is well-ventilated and it also lasts longer in outdoor conditions. Moisture keeps the cane supple. 

There are different design options available in the market like it can be used for making tables, benches, chairs and more. If you are fond of upcycling products, the cane furniture can be great to work with. You can paint it in the colour of your choice to make it look more vibrant and full of colours. 

A common concern regarding cane furniture

One of the key concerns of cane furniture is that wood is prone to termite attack. So, how to keep it in good condition? One of the easiest ways to keep it in good condition is by adding wood preservatives. While buying furniture, you must check if the furniture is pre-treated; if yes, then you don’t have to worry about termite infestation; if not, then you can apply it yourself or seek the assistance of a professional to do the same. Remember, merely painting the cane furniture won’t keep it protected. Its treatment with a wood preservative is paramount. 

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