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Keeping Your Room Cosy This Winter

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For many people, winter is not their most favourite season. Given the cost of living and the energy crisis happening both at the same time right now, nobody is really looking forward to the winter months this year. It’s not that they don’t like the idea of snow and Christmas and magical icicles, but it’s the cost of living that’s going to go up and make everybody have to choose between heating or eating this year.

You could have double glazed windows and a chimney ready for a fire, but unless you are savvy about what makes your heating bills go through the roof, you can’t be prepared. You need to make sure that your rooms in your home are warm and comfortable, even when you are at work. Nobody wants to come home to a freezing cold house that they then have to warm up from scratch, so here are the best ways that you can keep your room cosy this winter.

  • Open the curtains. During the sunlight hours, open the curtains and let that light shine in. The second the sun goes down, however, because all of that lovely natural heat that you have pulled through the window panes during the day can settle in your room. The moment the sun goes down however, the cold will set back in. Even on a cold day, the sunshine can help to warm up your space. You can also like some candles through the room when you consider lighting, as the candles can also provide a heat source.
  • Double up with your window coverings through the night. Through the night when it’s at its coldest, use the help of a blind and a set of curtains to help your room stay warm. When you double down on this, you’ll keep the room cosy and prevent any kind of draught coming in through the window. Obviously, you will have checked the cook for leaks and anyway that the cold air can come through. It’s time to unpack the blankets. The bedroom throws, the pillows and the chunky blankets that you stored away for the summer need to come back out again. Using warm, natural materials will be helpful to warm up your room. Layers can also really help so if you have a chat in the room or you simply want to chill out on the bed, you will get much further when you have laid blankets and chunky covers.
  • Keep the door closed. If you want to keep the heat in, keep the door closed when you are in the room and when you are out of the room. You want to ensure that the bedroom is as warm as it can be before you go to sleep in it because otherwise you’re going to lay there and shiver. Adding extra layers to your bedding is smart, but the door being closed will be really helpful, too.

 Use these tips and make a choice not to freeze your butt off this winter.

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