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Mastering The Challenge Of Working Away As A Mum

Working away presents a host of challenges, but can be very rewarding. Whether looking to take your business to the next level or climb the career ladder doesn’t matter. When handled correctly, you could make significant progress in a very short space of time.

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Nevertheless, there are plenty of potential obstacles to consider too. This is especially true when juggling your career with parenting. Here’s how you can regain control of the situation.

Find The Right Place To Stay

Whether working in a new city for a few nights or several weeks, you need the right accommodation. Staying in a corporate apartment is the perfect choice. It is often more affordable while the location means you can get to the office or a client far sooner. Besides, the homely vibes can provide emotional comfort. It is also a far better backdrop for having Facetime calls and connecting with loved ones back home.

Even simple aspects like having the ability to cook an evening meal rather than always eating out can work wonders. So, you should always make this the first priority.

Keep Trips As Short As Possible

The fact is that you can’t avoid the fact that some meetings need to be in person. Still, any opportunity to complete tasks before leaving your hometown should be grabbed. Documents and contracts can be prepared. Some meetings can occur over video conferencing tools. And a host of other tasks may also fall under the umbrella of pre or post-trip actions. It can make a world of difference. 

Meanwhile, you should try to arrange your journeys at suitable times. This may help you spend up to 48 hours less in the chosen destination. 

Get Other Things Done

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You’re not only trying to juggle work with parenting. There is also a long list of personal responsibilities that you cannot afford to ignore. The evenings can be spent handling your taxes or making bill payments. The time saved here will give you more free time when you return home. Alternatively, it could be simple things like filling in the forms for a school trip or upcoming event. Truthfully, you probably have a huge list of assignments that need doing.

Conversely, using your evenings to work on the project may enable you to cut the trip a day short. Either way, it’s far better than wasting your free time on nothing.

Make The Most Of Moments Back Home

Even when you handle business travel well, it is likely to leave you feeling guilty. Sadly, being away from your family is a requirement for your job. The best way to compensate for this is to ensure that you enjoy a better life at home. Finding ways to manage your home-based business or work with family time is essential. If you can find time to make magical memories during these times, your travels will be less problematic.

As well as actively creating those memories, you must aim to capture them forever. Whether it’s a smartphone or a digital SLR, photos are the key to success.

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