How to Balance Being a Mum and Running a Home Business

Starting a home business when you’re a parent can feel like a nightmare, especially if you have young kids who aren’t at school all day. It can be challenging to find a balance, but it is not impossible to make a success of your small business and still smash your parenting needs at the same time. It’s not something that everyone can do immediately, though, so here are some tips to balance being a mum and running a home business. 

Get Outsourcing Help 

One of the best ways to balance parenting and small business ownership is to reduce the amount of work you have to do every day. Outsourcing offers the perfect solution, especially if you are running a one-woman show. 

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There are many outsourcing choices to choose from. If you need a Small Business Accountant to balance your books, you can find a reliable company with ease. The same goes for content marketing and website maintenance. The benefit of outsourcing lies in how these companies are specialists, so even if you think you can handle it all, their results will be much more professional and successful. 

Establish Workday Boundaries 

If your kids are at home all day, they will call on you for anything, even minor things that aren’t emergencies. While you may be happy to help out, especially making lunch or other essentials, you still need to set boundaries. 

Having a dedicated workspace and explaining that you can’t be disturbed is one boundary to consider. If your kids know that a closed door means you’re busy, they will wait until you’re free before bothering you. Many parents will work in the same room as their kids playing, but although this means they can keep an eye on them, it also increases the chance of distractions and disruptions. 

Outline Family Time 

It’s easy to work all day because you know you have so much else to do. But, this could mean you miss out on essential family time and childcare. Hopefully, your partner can carry some of the load, yet you also need to be there for your kids. 

Outline some family time each day, whether you spend time with your kids during your lunch break or read them a bedtime story every night. This helps maintain the bond between you and your kids and won’t make you feel guilty for ignoring your work. 

Make the Most of the Small Breaks 

It isn’t just childcare you need to worry about. There are also plenty of household chores that require attention. While you can’t spend hours deep cleaning your home, you can make the most of small breaks. 

Loading the dishwasher or putting laundry on are two things you can do when you take a break from your computer. You can also fold laundry while on calls with clients as you don’t need to be as focused on what you’re doing. Everyone needs a break during the workday, and you can manage your household easier if you make the most of these breaks whenever possible. 

Perfectly Balanced 

Balancing your home business with parenting allows you to stay on top of all your responsibilities. While it can take some getting used to – for yourself and your kids – these tips should make it easier for you to consult with clients and provide all the love and attention your kids (and your home) require. 

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