Mindful Breathing for Busy Parents_ Finding Peace in the Chaos

Mindful Breathing for Busy Parents_ Finding Peace in the Chaos

You’re scurrying around like a chicken trying to juggle several tasks at once. The kids are hungry, their homework needs attention, and the house resembles a disaster zone.    When will you ever find a moment to catch your breath?   If you feel like you’re moving at warp speed as a parent, you need to slow your pace so you’ll stop feeling overwhelmed.

After all, the day only contains 24 hours – so how you spend you time is important. If you’re racing around, trying to catch your breath, maybe it’s time to start practicing morning breathing exercises – exercises that will give you a brief, albeit valuable, period of peace and tranquility. When you’re a parent, you may often feel overwhelmed. However, one simple solution is all it takes to help lighten the load.   In fact, 60 second of conscious breathing can help shift any scattered thoughts towards serenity  and tranquility, and can make even the most chaotic days feel more peaceful and manageable. 

Allow yourself to find that eye in the middle of the daily storm – not only because you  truly deserve it, but because your family will appreciate it too.

Unveiling the Science Behind Breathing

Devoting a few minutes daily to practice mindful breathing can work wonders for reducing stress levels and enhancing your ability to concentrate. The science underlying this activity is both fascinating and interesting.  As you engage in breaths. a remarkable transformation occurs within your body. It transitions from a state of a nervous system response (commonly known as “fight or flight”) to a state of a parasympathetic response (often referred to as “rest and digest.”).

Engaging in breathing offers benefits for busy parents, effectively reducing stress levels by developing a sense of well-being. By stimulating your vagus nerve, this practice facilitates a decrease in both the heart rate and blood pressure and activates the immune system simultaneously.  Moreover mindful breathing has an impact on your brain’s cortex – the part of the cerebrum responsible for focus and concentration. It also diminishes activity in the amygdala –  the center for fear and anxiety. As a result, you will think more clearly and have increased confidence.


To experience these benefits, you need to find a place where you can sit comfortably.  Close your eyes and commence slow breaths through your nose while attentively focusing on each  inhalation and exhalation. Take 3 seconds to inhale and 2 second to hold your breath before you release the breath through your mouth – a long exhalation of 4 seconds.  Begin with 10 minutes of this meditation daily. You will likely observe reduced stress and an improved ability to prioritize your parenting tasks.  Gradually, those frantic moments will recede as you strengthen your capacity to embrace a state of mindfulness. Just remember to breathe  each day and you will experience more peace and an increased ability to organize your responsibilities.

Try This Simple Exercise

Below is a simple exercise you can try whenever and wherever you choose:


  • Find a spot to sit comfortably. Allow yourself to breathe naturally observing the rhythm of your inhales and exhales.
  • Gradually begin to deepen and lengthen your breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouthmindful breathing
  • Take a moment to notice the sensations that accompany each breath. Feel the expansion and release of your belly and chest with every inhale and exhale. Pay attention to the pauses between each breath.
  • When your mind wanders off to thoughts, kindly guide it back, to your breathing without any self judgment. Over time with practice you’ll find it easier to maintain focus.
  • Continue this practice for around 3 to 5 minutes. Slowly open your eyes when you’re ready. Notice the peacefulness and centeredness that fills you.

With regular practice, mindful breathing becomes natural. You’ll be able to tap into this focused state whenever you need it. Begin by dedicating a few minutes each day, gradually increasing the duration as you go along. Gift yourself with the power of mindfulness, and you’ll also be gifting your family.

Note: This is a collaborative post 

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