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Our sitting room makeover with DFS

Over the last number of years on the blog you will have seen references and posts about our renovation project. We are so very close to completion. The final piece of this mammoth undertaking was the sitting room. We decided that this would be the last room completed. Its the first room you meet when you come in the front door and what we really wanted was a calm, relaxing, clutter free place to chill out together as a family or to entertain family and friends when they called over.  We deliberately took our time on this as we wanted it to be perfect.

Generally my house is like any home to young kids full of toys, food stains. I had the kids well warned in advance that the new sitting room would be a food free zone!  There are plenty other places to eat in the house, the sitting room just wont be one of them.  Life in the Mamma Fairy is hectic, from full time work, to school work, to kids sports/ activities and day to day living therefore quality downtime is paramount, that’s time to chat, converse and enjoy each others company. I suppose in reality the sitting room is the heart of our home. If I was on Home of the Year I would be putting the red circle here as my favourite spot.

Here a little pic of the before, there wasn’t anything wrong with it as such but it didn’t invite or encourage that vibe that I wanted to create.  The wallpaper  had got to the stage I pretty much couldn’t look at it any longer, I was so sick on my second wee man that I spent days on end staring at that while on bed rest.  The mere sight of it brings back those emotions.

The Dada Fairy is in the construction business so he is mega fussy and incredible safety conscious about all work that goes on in the house and products we buy. Quality products are of paramount importance and he knows quality when he sees it 🙂

The products

A little drumroll please……………………and here is the finished product. I love love love it, its exactly the vibe I wanted to encapsulate, calming, welcoming, soft natural tones.


The panelling was completed by Customised Creations by John O’Shea.  We paid for this ourselves, not sponsored or gifted in anyway, we are just extremely satisfied customers. The carpenters who were on site with us were professional, discrete, and so tidy in terms of cleaning up after their days work. The spent some very long days and nights here to get finished up in time for Christmas and we are very grateful for that.  Honestly, would have no hesitation in recommending them. We have had them back since to do built in wardrobes which I will also be sharing on the blog when completed.


I’m not sure many purchases generate as much argument debate than the purchase of the sofas in a house.  I really thought I wanted leather, thinking about the kids and cleaning the inevitable spills etc, however a visit to DFS provide a wealth of valuable information.  You can get the fabric sofas coated with a stain proof prior to delivery to overcome this very obstacle.  We fell head over heals for the Zinc collection, fitted my brief perfectly, natural tones, relaxed yet stylish.

However one of the lesser known facts about DFS sofas are that have been awarded the BSI Kitemark indicating they reach the highest possible standards and are guaranteed for 15 years.  That to me shows a dept of confidence in their brand. 15 years of bottoms on seats, of kids jumping around and they are willing to stand over their product for 15 years?? To my mind that shows trust in the quality of their brand.

DFS has was the first and only UK and Ireland furniture retailer to be certified to the BSI Kitemark™ for upholstered furniture.  The BSI Kitemark is one of the most established and  recognized symbols of quality and safety throughout the world thus giving consumers an independently verified quality seal of approval.  Interestingly as a result DFS factories will now receive annual audits to ensure this consistent high standard is met.


As a parent of two boisterous kids this helps me feel I have got good value for money.

In the interest of transparency DFS gifted us the sofa, however, we were going with it regardless.  It is so comfy, so durable and fits just perfect with the long list I set out shopping with. The entire process was so smooth, delivery was efficient with the sofa assembled onsite. I did pay for the stain guard. Critical in my view!!!

With rounds of tonsillitis, chest infections and stomach bugs my poor Zinc sofa has been put to the test and thankfully come out the other end unscathed, poor mammy not so much!! The great thing about shopping in DFS for the sofa was that within each brand they were loads of options of colours, of size, of finishes, for example the Zinc comes in 37 colour combinations.  Every sofa is handmade to order which adds a little to delivery but worth waiting for in my opinion.

Our Zinc is in the charcoal combination and hand on heart I couldn’t be happier.  I know have the sitting room I always wanted and to be totally honest we spend so much more time as  family here as it inspires the calm feeling which is 100% what I wanted as a welcome break to a busy lifestyle.

The Rest

Paint is Vintage Silver from Colour Trend and the fire insert from DID Electrical.

Love to know what you think. I’m totally in love but also totally biased. All that is left to do is find some nice artwork for the walls and that is us done.


Note: As noted above we were gifted the sofa thanks to DFS




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    Oh gosh this is stunning. We are doing similar with panelling and that sofa is a dream 💕

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