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The Canary Islands that everyone is talking about

Its a strange new world that we are day by day getting used to. My kids have been travelling since they were months old.  They are very lucky despite being so young to have seen so much of the world.  However it has been very hard for them to process this world where they cant see their friends or hug their grandparents. It such a huge departure from the free range life they lead. One of the things we have been doing as part of our home schooling is making an effort to learn more about the countries we are hoping to visit in the future. This week prompted by a very interesting press release we turned our attention to the Canary Islands. I was very interested to see the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa or, the “Covid-19 free” islands, are leading Spain’s de-escalation from the Covid-19 lockdown.

With my interest well and really grabbed, I wanted to delve deeper into these three islands……..

La Gomera – The Magical Island

La Gomera was awarded UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve status in 2011 thanks to the pristine nature of its marine and terrestrial ecosystems. La Gomera is known as the most magical of the Canary Islands and is home to species that cannot be found anywhere else. It’s also renowned as a hiker’s heaven! The islands highest peak is found in Garajonay National Park – UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. The park is covered in low-lying fog which creates a perfect microclimate for one of Europe’s last remaining cloud forests. This green paradise stands at the heart of La Gomera’s 650km network of beautiful walking trails.

Situated just 40 minutes by ferry from the southern coast of Tenerife, La Gomera is home to a perfect combination of lush green forests, black lava palm-studded beaches, ancient forests and banana plantations. Its capital, San Sebastián, is full of history and is famous for being Christopher Columbus’ last port of call on his voyage to America.

One of the most captivating features of La Gomera is the Silbo Gomero, its unique whistling language. Recognised as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Humanity, this pre-Hispanic language has been used on the island since ancient times to communicate over long distances.

El Hierro – The Sustainable Island

El Hierro aims to become the first island in the world that will be 100% sustainable within the next four to eight years. For now, El Hierro, the westernmost island of the Canaries has already set a world record. In Summer 2019, the island reached the milestone of covering the entire population’s energy needs for 24 days using only renewable energy.

El Hierro is the second smallest island of the Canaries and is world famous for its spectacular underwater scenery and wildlife. La Restinga Marine Reserve is an international acclaimed diving sanctuary frequented by numerous animal species. The volcanic eruptions that took place between 2011 and 2012 led to a regeneration of the seabed that gave rise to a very interesting biodiversity. El Hierro boasts the best diving area in the Canary Islands, where you could find dolphins, turtles, stingrays, barracudas, peaceful white sharks and more.

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Living Arrows 18/52 – spreading kindness

Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Its so hard to believe we are another week into this most unusual situation.  I have to say my kids are teaching me what resilience is.  They may be only 7 and 5 but they have impressed me so much with how well they have adapted to this very strange new world.

My youngest was living for his birthday and a big party with his pals. However with it falling during the strictest of lockdown measures meant is was only a family party, despite having spent 3 months building it up. I felt so sad for him. I was silly, he totally embraced it. Loving every minute. For the party and given the most usual of circumstance, the very lovely people at Swizzels  kindly sent us a pretty mega sized bag of their favourite sweets.

Without even thinking my little man asked could we drop sweets to the gardens of his friends and if they were allowed by their parents they could have them. I did shed a tear. I just love his empathy and kindness. You cant teach somebody that it is inherent.

So off we went, him on his scooter and me running to keep up with a bag full of treat bags for his friends. So many of the mammies text me thanking me for giving their kids such a boost. We had done the same at Easter making Easter cards and dropping them to some of our relatives gardens. Its not the same as a hug but its the thought that’s most important.

I just thought it was so lovely and some of the 3kg mixed bag of Swizzzels favourites found some really good homes! Its an ideal size for a party and it contains a good mix of the usual favourites. I’m still very partial to the refreshers!! A throwback to my childhood.

Keep safe everybody….



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Top 10 Resorts for Winter Sun

While we adjust to our new norm for the next while, id be lying if I said I didn’t really miss our travel adventures. We have lots of fab trips planned for the coming months. However the overriding thing is that everybody stays well, safe and adheres to all government directions re Covid 19  However, it has not stopped me dreaming and researching where out next adventure may be and whenever that may be.  I thought it might be helpful to share some of the great finds I did stumble across for the Winter sun. Whether its this year or any other year it might be no harm to save it for the future.

The Canary Islands is the perfect destination for just that! With seven islands and dozens of incredible resorts and hotels, here is a list of top 10 to help you choose…

Riu Palace Meloneras, Gran Canaria

Located in Gran Canaria, Spain, the Hotel Riu Palace Meloneras combines top-quality style, service and comfort. This luxurious Palace is perfect for relaxing holidays and soaking up the island’s winter sun, featuring freshwater swimming pools, a gym, jacuzzis and more. You can spend your days lounging by the pool, try water sports, play golf and more before enjoying a delicious meal in one of the high-quality, themed restaurants.

H10 Rubicón Palace, Lanzarote

Perched on the seafront in Playa Blanca, southern Lanzarote, the H10 Rubicón Palace resort stands out for its incredible interior design, including the most characteristic elements of the island and its colours: white, green and black. Boasting amazing swimming pools, a range of delicious dining options, stunning rooms, and luxurious spa treatments. The resort also hosts entertainment to suit the whole family, including the Daisy Adventure children’s area with a pirate ship and water attractions.


ocean and pool

H10 Rubicón Palace, Lanzarote

GF Victoria, Tenerife

Nominated for Europe’s Leading Family and Wellness Resort 2020 in the World Travel Awards, GF Victoria is the perfect resort for families looking to enjoy some winter sun. This five-star resort features a stunning family pool, aquatic park, adventure zone and a mini club – plenty to keep the kids active and happy. No kids? No worries. GF Victoria has plenty for adults too, including a spa, waterpark and adult-only pools – we recommend the incredible Glass Pool at Zambra Sky Bar!

Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora, Tenerife

Combining luxury with natural beauty, the five-star Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora, loacted on the stunning Atlantic coast, is one of Tenerife’s finest resorts. Boasting delicious dining options, the ‘Spa by Clarins’, several golf courses and the option of an adult-only experience or a family experience – this resort is an all-rounder. Did we mention it’s also dog-friendly? So, grab your four-legged friend and start planning!

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Living Arrows 16/52 – Music

Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

I really love joining in this linkie,  which is inspired by the above quote. it gives me the opportunity to look back on our week. Slowly, little by little we are adjusting to this very strange norm. We are all well which will always be the overriding objective but this was a tough week in out house. My 7 year old is really missing his school mates and grandparents but interestingly has found solace in his music.

He has been learning piano with the most amazing teacher for a year now but this week something clicked. I didn’t nag him to practice, he played away himself.  I can’t explain how this makes my heart happy. To see him take comfort and loose himself in his music is magical.

Hopefully next week is a step closer to normality.

Stay safe and follow the advice.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato


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How To Advise Your Children About Media Literacy In The Digital Space

Technology is really at the forefront of everything we do and never has this been more apparent than in the current circumstances where we are relying on it more than ever. I work in the finance sector and due to technological advances in recent times I have been able to work from home almost exactly as I would have in the office. In addition, my kids Spanish and piano lesson have moved to fully online. The pace at which we have all adapted is impressive. However something I am very aware of it that this come with increased exposure to screen time and as my own kids are very young it is very important at this age to build a solid foundation in media literacy as this will certainly stand to them in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. I received the below this morning and thought it would be an opportune time to share it. The handbook in link below is also a useful resource for parents as our kids begin to explore the vast digital world that is out there.

#ThinkBeforeClicking: How To Advise Your Children About Media Literacy In The Digital Space

child on ipad

Pic Credit: Pixabay

We are living in a time where people are relying on online sources and social media to stay in touch, find accurate information and get news updates. With parents currently home schooling and an increase in screen time for teenagers, what are the top tips we should know and what should we be doing to ensure our younger generations are critically engaging with the information they see online?

Twitter has been working with partners around the world to advance the conversation around media and information literacy. In partnership with UNESCO, it has produced Teaching and Learning with Twitter, a resource for educators to equip younger generations with skills to navigate today’s media environment. Download the handbook here.

“As an open platform for public conversation, Twitter has always championed free expression and free flow of information online. These complementary commitments intersect when we discuss media and information literacy,” said Ronan Costello, Senior Public Policy Manager, Twitter. “We hope that this Handbook will help educators and students navigate an increasingly complicated media environment. We look forward to continued collaboration with UNESCO on how media and information literacy can empower people – especially younger generations – to critically engage with content they see online.”

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Living Arrows 15/52 Positive changes

Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Another week into this strange new norm and we are all adapting pretty well. I have to say I am really proud of how well the kids are handling all of this. They are missing their grandparents and their friends so much but are doing really well. I think we can learn at lot from them.

Its funny I have begun to look at this as more of a slow down rather than lock down and ive had some time to reflect on a lot of things. One of the things that has come to the fore with all this is we have vowed to spend much more time outdoors as a family and secondly sustainable living. I suppose I never really realised until now how much unnecessary stuff we buy for ourselves and the kids. I have been totally wowed by the concept of the Reima kids 100% recyclable jacket, the kids can even register the jacket with Reima and they donate €10 to the charity supporting saving the oceans and you can also track your jacket to see where it ends up once recycled. Its genius. It really is the way forward and if we all make small changes like this it will make a big difference.

Another thing  I have been terrible at is buying take away coffees. My love of coffee hasn’t changed but I have realised taking my Keep Cup with me or bringing it out full with me is just perfect. Also shopping bags!! I did try to take them every week but now I make sure I do. Small steps can make such a big impact.

Its funny I think we will look back on this period of our lives and hopefully realise it has taught us so much about ourselves and the way we live.

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Living Arrows – 13/52 – and breath

Kahlil Gibran“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Second week in a row now having rejoined Donna from What the Redhead Said linkie inspired by the above quote, delighted with myself.

This week its all about about re grouping, enjoying the simple things in life. We were supposed to be back in Iceland this week but that couldn’t happen so im just happy everybody is safe and well and we are learning to enjoy a much slower paced life.

This week was all about getting fresh air, stretching the legs while observing the imposed restraints. The boys are thoroughly enjoying the scooters Santa brought. Who knew back then we would be getting so much use out of them for this reason. It does the head and the heart good to get out so we try every day to get out for a breath of fresh air, always conscious of social distancing.

Keep safe, keep well and keep following the advice. We can and we will come out the other side of this.  Each night going to bed myself and the boys plan what we will do once all this is over and we cannot wait.


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migraine relief - relaxing

Pic Credit: Pixabay

I think its important to set out at the outset, that I am not a medical professional, im actually an accountant, who enjoys blogging and sharing useful content. I happened across this very useful article and though in the times we are facing, it was an opportune time to share in the event it could help somebody. Other supports and resources are available on www.speakyourmigraine.ie or from the Migraine Association’s website www.migraine.ie. It goes without saying always consult a medical professional if you have any concerns. 

Migraine is Ireland’s fifth leading cause of disability, affecting over 10% of the population.[i]. Managing the condition can often feel like an uphill battle on any given day. Now, along with the usual symptoms and fears surrounding a chronic migraine attack, navigating our new ‘normal’ during COVID-19, brings additional challenges – from working at home and keeping the kids occupied to social distancing and drastic changes in daily routines.

Here are 6 simple tips and actions that can help you to manage your migraine during this uncertain period.

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Mamma Musings

Living Arrows 12/52 – Our new norm

Kahlil Gibran –  “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

During 2018 and 2019 I took part in the fabulous linkie run by Donna from What the Redhead said. It is inspired by the above quote and runs each week. I really love reading other peoples post in this linkie so despite vowing for months to get back to it, I have finally decided to get back to wring more on the blog. 

Our New Norm

It’s all a bit surreal isn’t it? Hard to know what day of the week it is. Working from home for the foreseeable, kids off school for the foreseeable, social distancing the new norm.  One thing I have learned so far is that kids are super resilient. Every day my pair wake up full of life, happy out. The roles have been reversed they are now teaching me how to live a “slow life” , to enjoy the little moments, to live in the present, to not be stressing about rush here and there.

Our days are filled with board games, socially distanced walked, facetime calls with grandparents. Very different to the rush and fast paced of the ‘norm’ for us. So rather than fret and worry, we are doing our best to embrace this new norm for the next while.

So take care, stay home, stay safe and we will meet on the other side of this when im guessing many of us will have a renewed appreciation of life and our loved one. We can and will do this. Lets learn from the example set by our kids.



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Practical Tips for Working from Home with Children

Glandore, Ireland’s longest serving & leading provider of serviced offices & coworking spaces, have very kindly shared helpful advice for those trying to juggle working from home whilst keeping their children occupied.   I am very thankful for their kind permission to share the below in these highly unusual times.

tips working from home laptop phone

Pic Credit: Pixabay

1.            Set up a daily structure: Childcare professionals’ advice is that routine is vitally important when it comes to maintaining happy children. If your children’s day starts at 8.30am in crèche or school, try to start their home care at the same time. Establishing a routine at home will help everyone transition to this new ‘norm’ more easily. If your children are used to breaks at certain times, make sure to build those into your day. As we all know, children’s attention spans are much shorter than ours, so exercise and snack breaks are important to schedule in, for both the child and the parent. Try to finish up your home crèche or school at the same time as their regular day. 

Top tip: set an alarm to go off, so everyone knows that it’s family time now. The alarm doesn’t have to be the sound of a school bell ringing, it could be one of your children’s favourite songs instead.  

 2.            Have a designated space for mess: The length of time that we will be working and schooling from home is unknown and therefore it is recommended to designate a school/crèche area in your home if possible. Children need space to play and that play can often be messy so it might be wise to make the kitchen your home childcare centre. With paint, glitter, Lego, dolls and action figures, children’s toys can easily take over the house. They are used to being in the same room for the day, whether in crèche or school, so keeping the home childcare space consistent will help with their sense of routine. Again, be mindful of your child’s attention span; they may only stay with an activity for 10 or 20 minutes depending on their age. This should also match the projects you are setting yourself; if you have something that needs your focus then perhaps leave that until everyone is in bed.   

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