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Itinerary ideas for Iceland

Since our trip last September to Iceland lots of people have asked for tips and advice on what to do to Iceland, sample itineraries, “must see” attractions.   I knew a few of my fellow blog buddies had been to Iceland I thought i’d reach out and get a variety of ideas on their top picks.


Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog

For many people and particularly given just how expensive Iceland is, their preference would be to book via website who can help you book the entire trip in one place.  With WowAir now defunct, there are less flight options for getting to this wonderful destination therefore I can really see how using the services of a site to assist you to book the entire package would be very appealing.  One option im aware of is the Voyage Prive website where they describe themselves as  “a members only luxury travel club, offering unforgettable getaways, at unbelievable prices“.  I love a deal and I know a lot of people like the security of having a packages as opposed to DIY, so well worth checking out and not just for Iceland, there cover worldwide holidays from ski trip to luxury resorts to city breaks.

Iceland “things to do”

The over riding thing I will say about Iceland is that it totally lives up to its reputation as being magical – the scenery is breathtaking, the people friendly and the thermal spas well……you just have to try them. And before you ask……yes it is expensive but to me, and my husband will agree it is totally worth it. It was a bucket list trip for us – a once in a lifetime – but I left a bit of my heart there and I have to go back. We loved it so much

Geysirs in Iceland

Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog

Our visit was short and we had young kids (6 and 3 at the time of travel) so we carefully planned out itinerary, for a sneak peak of what we did see our Golden Circle trip here my  kids are still asking to go back to that wonderful Ice cream place before Gullfoss. I really do love looking back at our pics, really does make me want to go and book it again.

We also did Fontana as we booked last minute, the Blue Lagoon was booked out. A top tip if the Blue Lagoon is top of your list is to book early. Please also respect the cultural (and hygienic) advice to shower before entering the thermal pools. It was definitely one of the highlights as it was quiet when we were there, we had loads of time and space and the kids were made very welcome. And try the bread – drooling as I type. Quite  honestly the nicest I have ever tasted. It is known as  Geothermal bakery and the break is cooked in the ground for 24 hours!!

My kids are a bit older know and are really dying to go back, my oldest is obsessed with all things marine and whale watching is the top of his wish list not if but when we go back. Key requirement for him it must be eco friendly and sustainable and thankfully that option does exist.

If we were to go back to Iceland, I’d like to try renting a camper. I’ve heard about other bloggers’ camping adventures in Iceland, the kids would probably love it. I visited Cozy Campers website, which has a range of budget and premium campervans, and yes, I already have ideas for “things to do” on our next trip.


Ideas from fellow bloggers:

Having spoken to my blog buddies I have complied a compilation of Iceland “things to do” that they also recommend including links to their commentary on same so hopefully the below covers a lot of options for people travelling to Iceland:

  • Moneky and Mouse have a great post on South Iceland with kids. One item on their list which we were disappointed not to get to visit was Perlan museum in Reykjavik . It looks so good and I know my gang would have really enjoyed it but they were so tired after our Golden Circle drive. Another reason we have to go back!!!

    Pic Credit: The Mamma Fairy Blog

  • Travelynnfamily have a great informative post about saving money in Iceland. One of the things I had neglected to mention and they note it in their post is the water! Never a need to buy bottled water, it is crystal clear and so tasty. I know it sound like a strange thing to say about water but it really is. When travelling with young kids it does really save some money. Good point also re the kids under 7 going free in most places. Ours were under 7 and again it does make a difference when travelling as a family. The Reykjavik City Card  is a really good option is you want to see the site of the city with free entry into most of the top museums and galleries.  It also included discounts on other attractions and restaurants and given expensive this city is, every little really does help here. It comes in 24, 48 and 72 option so again like us if it was a flying visit the 24 hour would be perfect.
  • Rock and Roll Pussycat has a fantastic post covering a variety of topics in must see Iceland – check out those photographs. Again makes me want to book right away. This is a really informative guide and well worth book marking in advance of your visit. Not sure id be willing to try the Hrútspungar  (Rams testicles)!!!!!!

We really cannot wait to return, there was so much we didn’t see and really would love to see particularly in the North of the country. So many wonderful sights to see.


Note: This is a collaborative post
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