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Tips for skiing with kids

Tips for skiing with kids 

Getting your kids ready for their first lesson on the slopes is exciting but you might be thinking about getting a thousand things or doing a thousand things that you probably don’t need to or you might be forgetting something important. We love winter holiday with our kid having been to Tromso and Lapland in recent years.   Here’s our concise, handy guide on tips for skiing with kids with thanks to Maison Sport.


Keep in mind your kids will probably fall quite a few times before getting the hang of it, so it’s important to make sure their attire is appropriate so as to avoid snow getting inside their clothes. Here are our tips for clothing:

  • One-piece ski suit is better than a two-piece outfit. We’ve all experienced it, even as adults, it can happen that when you fall your jacket can ride up and some snow gets inside. Especially for young kids, 6 and under it’s better for them to wear a one-piece suit rather than a two-piece suit.
  • Mittens are better than gloves. Especially for younger boys and girls, mittens tend to be better not only because they keep their hands warmer, but also it’s easier to grip the ski poles. As a plus, the wrist straps will make sure they won’t lose their mittens even if they take them off.

    skiing with kids

    Tips for skiing with kids

  • Ski masks under the helmet. A ski mask protects head, ears, neck and face if needed. Again it’s practical because it doesn’t leave many gaps for snow or cold to get through.
  • Layer Up.  Layers will make sure your kids stay warm during their lessons. Typically you’ll want at least three layers –  thermal layer, a fleece layer, and a waterproof insulating layer.
  • Don’t buy too many things. Keep in mind that next year your kids will have probably outgrown all their clothes so don’t go crazy buying too many things, especially if you only ski once or twice a year. Better yet, if you have other friends with kids, you can always borrow a few things!
  • Ski Socks. It’s worth investing in a couple of sets of ski socks, much better than using normal or sport socks. They’ll only need to wear one set, don’t send them out in two layers of socks.


How cute is it seeing all the little kids with their little skis on or on their mini boards? Making sure they feel comfortable in their equipment is key for them to have a good time during their lesson.

  • Get them used to it. As soon as you have your equipment, make sure they are comfortable in it, especially the boots. Have them walk around, bend their knees, make a couple of movements they would do during their lesson in order to make sure everything feels good to them and nothing is too tight or hurts them.
  • Rent. As with clothes, what fits right this year, will probably be too small next year. Especially when it comes to equipment which is definitely more expensive than clothes, it’s always better to rent it.
  • Goggles. It is important your kids have goggles to protect their eyes from the glare and keep them warmer. A tip with goggles, try and keep the foam and inside of the goggles dry as the goggle can steam up if they get wet.

Time for the lesson

The instructor will make the lesson super fun for your kids, your only job will be getting them ready for what they’ll be doing.

  • Explain what will happen. If it’s your children’s first lesson ever, then it will be helpful to try and explain what will happen on the day of the lesson. Try showing them a video of other kids skiing or snowboarding, or maybe take them to the magic carpet area which is probably where they’ll start too so they can see other kids skiing.
  • Let the instructor take charge. The moment you meet with the instructor make sure your kids understand that the instructor will be the adult in charge and they should listen to them.
  • Leave them to their lesson. Of course we would all love to be there taking pictures and videos of our kids’ first skiing experience, but leave your kids with the instructor for the lesson, this way they won’t get distracted by you.
  • Make sure they know your contact info. Your kids will probably not know your phone number by heart, so a good tip is to have a card with your contact information in one of the pockets of their ski suit just in case someone needs to contact you. Even though the instructor will have all your information already, it’s always a good plus.
  • Send them with a snack.  Your kids will for sure get hungry mid lesson or they’ll need an energy boost which is why you should send them to their lesson with an energy bar or chocolate bar stored in their jacket so they can enjoy it while they have a little break. Let the instructor know they have a snack, and in case it’s a longer lesson, give the child or the instructor some money so they can buy a hot chocolate or a juice and a snack at a cafe.
  • Sunscreen and Lip Balm. Even if the weather is cloudy, sun rays can always get through. Make sure your kids are always protected by using a high SPF sunscreen and a lip balm with spf protection as well.
  • Lift Pass. Don’t forget the ski pass. In many resorts children below the age of 5 or 6 will be able to ski for free, but they will still need a ski pass to get through the lift barriers.

With these tips for skiing with kids we’re sure your kids will be more than ready to take on their first lesson on the slopes with one of the independent instructors on Maison Sport. We’re sure they’ll have an incredible time and will want to come back day after day, year after year, and soon you’ll be skiing together side by side.


Thanks to Maison Sport for the great tips. If anybody has any other tips or advice for skiing with kids  please do pop them in the  comments below. 

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