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Picking The Best Hardwood Engineered Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is just like having the look and feel of real solid wood but without the maintenance and installation process. It gives you the aesthetics you desire in your home without all the work and extra expense which is why it’s such an appealing option to many.  The engineered flooring Melbourne homeowners get from Market Timbers are made of high quality material. They can then discover a range of options suitable for their specifications and budget requirements.

With all wooden flooring though, there are some practical elements to consider before you go out looking and buying. This article will consider exactly what you need to look for and how you go about choosing the best engineered wooden flooring for your home.

How To Choose Engineered Hardwood Flooring

What’s the difference between engineered and normal wooden flooring?

First, get to know the differences between engineered and solid wood. These are the main two types of wood you will see in the stores. Solid wood is much thicker then engineered wood and is on average 18-22mm thick. Engineered wood however can be a very thin cut of real solid wood that is placed onto a plywood or cheaper material.  Once you have decided on the thickness, you will have an easy journey as it relates to the extent that the floor needs sanding and refinishing touches.  

Know your budget.

Costs can become higher or lower due to a number of elements. The wider you go when looking at boards, you will be looking at higher prices compared to narrower ones. So, if you don’t mind thinner wooden boards on your floor, this may save you some money.

Get guarantee for your engineered wood.

As with any high-priced item you will want to ensure you get suitable cover for your flooring. Even though it’s natural so will be susceptible to everyday wear and tear, there are some things you can get covered on. However, it is your job to maintain them as best as possible by not dragging furniture around and not walking in heels on the wood for example.

Find out what finish you will like.

There are two types available on the market: oil and lacquer finishes. These two offer a variety of different visual appeals and benefits so they are important to consider when choosing the wood. 

Oiled engineered hardwood will help promote a more genuine and natural looking finish. However, it might easily be marked when there are spills. This means that if you have a younger family you may want to consider lacquer which offer more protection over spillages.

Now you have a bigger picture of what to look for when choosing hardwood engineered flooring, you’ll be able to move closer towards what you really want.


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