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SmartBuyGlasses review

SmartBuyGlasses Review 

One thing that the pandemic has done for me anything is changed the way I shop. I was old school! I like to try on and touch the products, obviously not during pandemic times!  I have been a glasses wearer since my college years, showing my age now but that is over 20 years ago! I would always go in to try the frames on as I felt (without any research to be fair!) that glasses buying online wouldn’t work.  SmartBuyGlasses contacted me asking if I would like to give their services a try and I thought why not, I had been against buying online and was interested to see if I could be converted as I am very fussy about my glasses.

The process 

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The first thing that struck me was the sheer volume of brands stocked by SmartBuyGlasses, from high end designers like Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Jimmy Choo, just to name a small few to their own branded frames. All of the glasses come either without prescription or with either distance, progressive or reading prescription options. Once you have selected your frames the next step is to input your prescription. See opposite for just how easy this is, you can upload it or manually type it in. Super easy and user friendly.

Once you have that done you need to input your Pupillary Distance. I had never heard of this term before!. In summary it is the distance between the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other pupil, measured in millimeters. This measurement ensures that lenses are made with the prescription sitting exactly where your eyes need it.  I did not know mine but the SmartBuyGlasses webpage has a super easy way of doing this simply using a card with a metal strip and your phone camera. Literally could not be easier.

Depending on your prescription you can get thinner lenses  and of it is sunglasses you are purchasing you can add on for example mirrored or tinted lenses.

The process is so easy to follow and user friendly. And the biggest plus for me was how quick delivery was which was such a pleasant surprise.

Not just for adults 

SmartBuyGlasses also do kids glasses both sunglasses and everyday glasses. Similar to adults the range is vast and includes lots of named brands as well as their own brand.  The procedure above is the same for ordering kids glasses. The first thing you will notice is the value. Seriously good value for money especially when it comes to kids glasses who if they are like my pair can loose/ forget/ break them!

What we choose

Sun glasses

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My husband went for the classic Ray Ban aviators  modelled below on our holidays in Sun Gardens Dubrovnik.  As a glasses wearer myself I went for the SmartBuy collection with the clip on lenses. I find these  just so handy especially when driving I just pop on the  lenses that suits. You can see them in the pic below also both linked above for more information.

Mamma Fairy thoughts

  • Service is super easy to use and efficient
  • Free Shipping and fast delivery
  • Free 100 day returns
  • Really competitively priced, it is worth signing up for their emails to hear first about discounts and offers.
  • Huge selection for both adults and kids
  • As a brand they are committed to social change having donated $1,000,000 worth of eyewear to visually-impaired individuals in some of the less privileged corners of the globe trough partnering with organizations such as Sightsavers and Unite for Sight. In addition to this,  they are proud sponsors of the Buy One Plant One programme with the brand OhMyWoodness!, which is in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.

In conclusion would I recommend buying glasses online with SmartBuyGlasses?  That is an absolute yes! Happy to answer any question do pop them below.


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