Smartphone Etiquette: Teach Your Kids These Basic Lessons

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As technology advances, children are also exposed, and the new developments require adapting. Since the introduction of smartphones, communication has become easy. It is now easier to reach your loved ones and stay connected no matter the distance. Today, children have access to smartphones, and some parents are wary about it. Even though children can now access the internet at an early age, it does not have to be all negative. You can decide to buy your kid a smartphone but ensure their safety too. It would help if you also taught them about phone etiquette to ensure these devices do not affect their behavior. This article will discuss basic lessons you should teach your kids on etiquette if they own a smartphone.

Phone Breaks

Time management is one crucial etiquette you should teach your child. How long do your kids stay on the phone? Do they have enough time for other activities? It is essential to ensure your kid does not spend most of their day on their phone. Allow them to use their phones for a short time or during their free time. This way, they can do other important things like studying. Your child needs a healthy time away from the phone to reconnect in the real world. Too much screen time can cause sleep, headaches, eye problems, and weight gain. It also affects their socialization and other aspects of their life. Therefore, ensure they take breaks for other things.


It is easy for the child not to listen to you if something on the phone captures their attention. Looking at the phone when someone is talking can be a problem. Therefore, teach your kid to be attentive. That means they should keep their phone away when someone requires their attention. This is an essential lesson that impacts your kid’s behavior.

Parental Control

It is vital to ensure the phone has parental control features that help you monitor what your child is doing on the phone. You can even restrict access to specific sites. Before you activate the parental control on your kid’s iPhone, go through downloads or history to see what they have been doing. You can click here https://setapp.com/how-to/find-downloads-on-iphone-ipad to access downloads on their iPad or iPhone. Restrict the phone so that they only use it safely and healthily.

Internet Safety

This is one big lesson you must never forget to teach your child. With various social media platforms, some kids may get bullied, which can affect their lives. So, prepare your kid to be safe while using the internet. For example, teach them not to use their real details on social media. Teach them about the kind of pictures or videos they should not most. Another thing you should teach your child is to use security features like passwords to secure their accounts and devices.

Polite Texting and Calling

Teach your kid how to maintain politeness when texting or calling, no matter the situation. So, before you buy a smartphone, ensure they can behave while using it. For instance, advise them when not to use emojis in a conversation. Teach them to say thank you, sorry, and please when texting or on a call.

To Conclude

It is crucial to teach your kids about smartphone etiquette. It may take time, but the results will be worth it. Most importantly, teach your children how to be safe on the internet.

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