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Stop Avoiding Social Media; It Could Be What Saves Your Brand

Right from the outset, savvy entrepreneurs saw social media as an inexpensive tool to get their messages out to customers and build their brand. These platforms allowed them to communicate with their audience in a way that wasn’t possible before. 

For starters, they could use demographic information to target their advertisements better. Moreover, they created content that presented their firms in a more comprehensive light, explaining to clients what they were really about. 

A lot of entrepreneurs, however, avoided social media – at least in the early days. It seemed like a gimmick and wasn’t really relevant to their operations. How could they use it to make money? The answer wasn’t obvious. 

It turns out, though, that there are several ways that companies now use social media. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter help with sales, internal communications with employees, customer feedback, ratings, telling the brand story, and sharing information about products and services. Thus, these platforms provide practically every outreach service that you can imagine. 

The trick, as the following infographic points out, is to do it correctly. When it comes to social media marketing, there are some tried and tested techniques that you need to follow. It is nothing like traditional branding activities, so you’re not going for the hard sell. 

The best place to start is with education. It would help if you learned about how to use these platforms and offered training to your team. Once you have all the right skills in place, you can use social media to improve your marketing ten-fold.

Infographic by University of Alabama Birmingham


Note: This is a collaborative post
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