Take Your Kids To The Sticks: Here’s Why!

There is nothing quite as fun as a family holiday. Getting the kids packed up and ready to get out of the house takes time and it’s still parenting that you do elsewhere, but getting everyone out into the sticks is a good way to ensure that you can make memories! Taking your kids out into the countryside gets them out of their usual routines, it gets them the chance to make some messes and make some changes. It also ensures that you get out of your routine, too.

Whether you are taking the time to configure a new Land Rover so that you have a countryside car when you go, or you are heading on public transport to a local campsite, getting the kids to sleep outside and learning how nature will work is one of the best things that you can do this year. Below, we’ve got all of the reasons that you need to help you to understand why you should take your kids out to the sticks for a change!

  1. There’s time to bond as a family. When you are all out in the mud and getting messy, you’re all going to learn to work together without technology to guide you along the way. Sleeping in a tent is one of the most fun ways that you can learn to bond and share stories, tell secrets and just get your kids the chance to get away from screen time and the confines of the house. You can cook together, set up a tent together and then create ways to have fun!


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  2. You’ll all experience some nature. Whether you are in the city or by the beach, in the country or a small town, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being in the countryside. You will be into nature in a way that you won’t find at home, and you can get the chance to show your kids different plants, different flowers and even different animals. They get the chance to breathe a different air, and that really does matter. The best bit? With less light pollution, you will be able to see stars, too!
  3. They will learn so much. You can have fun with map reading, compass navigation and tree climbing. You can teach the kids to light a campfire, to dig a hole for the toilet and you can really get them involved in local fishing, too! Without the computer screens, they’ll learn hands-on skills that will be a life changer for your children. 
  4. There are no interruptions. You won’t have the chance to be distracted by work, the screens, the rest of the world because all you will be doing is concentrating on spending time with the kids and in nature. When you’re camping in the woods, you will spend time soaking in the surroundings, watching the stars and appreciating the stillness.


Being in the countryside, you’ll feel like you can pause and appreciate the company of your kids and your family. 


Note: This is a collaborative post

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