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Teaching Your Kids to Respect School Rules

Respect is important, both at home and at school. In order for your child to succeed academically and develop important social skills, they must understand how to respect school rules, as well as other people.

To help your child understand why respect is so important and why they should do their best to follow school rules, here is some great advice from Dover College

  • The first step towards a respectful child is to ensure they understand what respect means. Do they know the difference between respectful and disrespectful behaviour? It is important to set a good example for your child and demonstrate respectful behaviour, both in public and at home.

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  • Explain the importance of having rules at school. Help your child to understand that school rules are created to ensure that students and teachers benefit from a safe and happy learning environment.
  • Stress that in the classroom it is important to listen to the teacher. Explain that they should always follow the teacher’s instructions and be kind and helpful to others. 
  • School rules often include instructions on how to respect school property and the environment. This means never causing damage to school property and always using rubbish or recycling bins to dispose of waste. It is essential that they have pride in their school environment and want to play a part in keeping it safe and clean.
  • Teach your kids to value other people’s ideas and opinions and always treat others as they wish to be treated.
  • Finally you should encourage your children to value their own learning and success. They can demonstrate this by being on time to school, working to the best of their ability, completing homework and being polite to their teachers. 
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