The Benefits of Drama Lessons for Students

Drama lessons offer so many benefits to children. They help to build confidence, develop communication skills and increase creativity.

Drama is a statutory part of English in the National Curriculum for England and it supports many other academic skills. It also allows children to develop personal skills, which they can carry through to adulthood.

I have teamed up with an independent school for boys in Buckinghamshire to explore more of the benefits associated with drama lessons…


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Drama lessons are an ideal way to develop a child’s confidence. Speaking clearly and confidently doesn’t come naturally to everyone. However, this can be taught and practiced through drama.
Drama lessons also require children to perform in front of their classmates; this can also help to boost your child’s confidence. It gives students an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone in a safe and structured environment.


Drama lessons encourage teamwork. The ability to work as part of a team is a crucial life skill for youngsters, because it helps them to form friendships and put differences aside in order to reach a goal. Furthermore, in drama students will experience different opinions and perspectives, as well as receive feedback and advice.


Drama lessons help children to understand more about the world around them. By exploring different cultures and lifestyles, children tend to become more inquisitive. What’s more, by acting out a variety of different emotions and experiences, children are able to become more appreciative of how others think and feel.


For those children who are not happy to take centre stage, there are other important tasks they can learn through drama. For instance, they could help to make costumes or get involved in set design. School shows also provide an opportunity for students to help with lighting and sound. Furthermore, children will learn about famous plays and movies and may even write a script of their own!


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