The best dog breeds for companionship

Most people get a dog because they want a companion. After all, dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend! Typically, most dogs live for quite a few years, which means an owner gets to spend many years with a pooch and create the ultimate bond. However, some dogs make for better companions than others. Of course, every dog is different and has different characteristics, you can read more about that on the Pupster Passion website, but there are some breeds that are considered the ultimate companion. 

Golden Retriever

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This lovable pooch may just be the top contender for the best companion. The humble Golden Retriever has a charming tempered nature and loves being loved. This pup will happily cosy up next to you on a sofa or lay next to you in bed. Not to mention, they’ll often be around your feet craving your attention. Golden Retrievers are very easy going and are usually a calm dog. You can often spend a lot of pleasant time with one another. Plus, these pooches are eager to please, so they’ll be at your beck and call. That’s why these dogs make great service dogs too.


The Poodle breed is incredibly intelligent, and they are known for being easily trained. However, they also have the added benefit of being a great companion too. They will listen to the commands of owners and love an owner unconditionally. There are three types of Poodle, standard, miniature, and toy, all of which offer the same loveable tendencies. These are the perfect companions for owners who don’t want a dog that malts or may be allergic to wired dog hair. However, they do require daily exercise, which may not be ideal for someone with minimal mobility. They’re also adorable too!


There are various breeds of spaniel, and they are mostly known for being an incredibly energic dog,  which is great for any owner who is fit and active as this pooch will undoubtedly be able to keep up! Although there are varieties, this breed is considered a loyal companion who will love you until their last breath. It’s no wonder these dogs have been used for centuries as working dogs and companions. The calmest Spaniel breed has to be the Clumber Spaniel, but this pooch is still very active. You can exercise with these dogs or enjoy gentle strolls; it’s up to you. 

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus are often forgotten about when it comes to dogs that can provide companionship. However, they are a cute, lovable, and friendly breed. They require daily maintenance, such as brushing and trimming the fur, but that can only help develop a strong bond between pet and owner. This breed is also excellent with children, making it a great choice for a family pet. Everyone in the family can benefit from this companionship! This breed doesn’t require too much exercise per day, so it makes for an ideal companion for those who have busy schedules or may not be able to get out much. A small garden is all that is required. 

There are, of course, other great breeds for companionship, such as Terriers and German Shepherds. However, it all depends on what an owner wants and needs from their companion, as well as the care required for the dog. Some owners want a dog that will lounge around the house all day; others want a dog that will bounce around and have energy from sunrise to sunset. Before getting a dog, it’s important to note that you can keep up with their needs so that they can be as comfortable as possible and provide the ultimate companionship. 


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